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My Brothers Bestfriend

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**This story is currently being rewritten chapter by chapter - I'm halfway finished but there's still a long way to go!**

My Brothers Bestfriend

Kasey's P.O.V

My alarm clock goes off and I hit snooze for another five minutes.

Don't you hate that feeling you get as soon as you wake up on a school morning? It's like the helpless fact of knowing you have school, but also knowing you can't afford a day off, leaving ditching a no-go.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kasey Bishop and I live in Orange County, California, and I'm sixteen years old. To be completely honest, I believe that without my best friend, Stefanie Elliot, I'd probably die. We're closer than normal girls are, and she's like a sister to me. Without her, I think I'd be a lot more upset about Mom and Dad.

As harsh as it sounds, I have no respect for my mom. It might be because she's never home, or because I hardly hear from her. But mostly I'm upset that because of her 'work', I've never had the experience of how a mother-daughter relationship is really supposed to work. I'm lucky to see my Mom once a year, give or take. And it seems that wherever mom is now, phones don't exist.

I guess dad isn't much better. They work together, mom and dad, as civil servants. Apparently, you can work for the U.S. government and see the world at the same time. Dad told me once that the government agency has hundreds of different job opportunities available for people who want to represent U.S. interests abroad. Mom got into healthcare and dad works in security. The government has 265 different embassies around the globe, and mom and dad first chose England. Now, they move around so constantly that it's difficult to keep track of them.

So yeah, I'm a little bitter. But I think I have the right to be. But usually, it doesn't bother me too much because at the end of the day, I don't really even know them anymore. And besides, with Stefanie always around, and Jacob, I basically have all I need.

Jacob is a typical all-American teenage boy, I guess. He plays football, he has too many friends to remember all of them by name, he always throws parties - courtesy of the lack of parental figures - and of course, the girls. Jacob is seriously one of the biggest players I know. I can't remember the last time he had a girlfriend... Or maybe he just hasn't had one. Okay, so he can sleep with any girl that he sets his sight on, but that doesn't mean he's not the greatest brother ever.

Jacob is a senior this year, and he and I share the same school. Despite his popularity, he's always there for me no matter what. Ever since I can remember, Jake has been my go-to person. No matter what's bothering me, he makes everything better.

I guess with our parents never being around, I've really come to depend of Jacob. But I don't think he really minds, anyway. He's typically the overprotective older brother, and I believe he secretly loves being that figure in my life.

My alarm clock sounds beside me again and I sigh, reluctantly pushing myself to get up for school. I check the time and groan. I really need to shower, and I'm only giving myself four minutes to do it.

Okay, so my shower lasted for like seven minutes, but I mean, who's counting, right? I quickly pull my too-tight old black jeans over my gstring before frowning at the countless amount of rips all over them. Oh well, it kind of looks like it's the style. I throw on a thin, black long-sleeved shirt just as somebody knocks on my door.

"Come in," I mutter while busying myself with my dirty pajamas and soaked towel. I know it's not Jacob at the door, because he doesn't knock. He either yells out, or barges in.

"Jake told me to hurry your sweet little ass up," Caleb says as he barges into the room, his eyes bright. He stops in the doorway and slowly, his eyes run down the length of my body and back up again. A smirk falls onto his face and he raises his eyebrow. "Unless you wanna walk,"

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