Back with horrible past

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ok now lets began k.


Naruto was crying as he was scared, hurt both physicaly and mentaly as he was sitting on a cold floor his twin Menma was separated from him leaving him alone in the dark he was back to being in small form which was the way he woke up.

Naruto's POV

Why am I back here.....

I wanna go home.....

I'm so scared.....

Where's Menma I don't wanna be in the dark any more........



The door was opened for me as a hand had beckoned me out of the room and not thinking who it was I rubbed my teary eyes and walked out only to see my old master as I back away "what's wrong don't you want to see your friend" he says.

I was really scared but followed him as my tails were dragging against the ground I didn't want him touching me so I stayed close to the ground my ears flat against my head.

We kept walking until I see Menma on the ground he didn't look so good as he growled one he saw the man and I ran over to him hugging tightly I couldn't help I was so scared that I didn't want to let go scared, cause I don't know if my brother can handle the same torture as me I don't want him to get hurt when he already is due to his breakup with Sasukie.

Ya the breakup happened about some months ago? maybe but I still feel bad for my brother going threw a lot.

"alright friend reunion over it's time to go" my older master says as he walked closer to me but I wasn't gonna let go of my brother I loved him far to much to ever let go of him.

"now now fox let  go of your friend or else" he says glaring at me I want to let go but at the same time I didn't but he was gonna hurt me if I don't let go of him.

After a while I finally let go of my twin shakily I looked up at him as I walked up to the guy "good boy maybe you do deserve a treat to day" he says petting my head while I internally screamed with my ears pressed against my head I looked back at my brother Menma, who seemed confused and sad until he noticed how scared I was is when he finally understood.

Once I was out of the room the guy picked me up I didn't like it I don't want to be with this guy I wanna be home in Sasuke's arms, I wanna be with my whole family.

I want them back.

"now now fox don't cry everything is gonna be just fine" he says patting my head but when I thought he was gonna take me to the kitchen it was actually his bed room and I had a heck tone of mix signals from that aren't the treats in the kitchen.

He soon puts me down as a smirk grows on his face and he closed the door locking it.

'nope nope nope nope nope' my only thought was as I ran and slide under his bed really fast just so he couldn't do anything I was curled up in a really tight ball as my nine tails were curled up around me so he couldn't grab none of them.

"fox your started to make me angry come out of there" he said in a stern demanding voice but I wasn't gonna listen this time so I stayed in my ball so I wouldn't get hurt.

But soon I was grabbed by my hair and was dragged out from underneath the bed once fully out was going to run for it but he grabbed me by my 9 tails tightly and held me down as I hissed and cried I didn't like this at all I want Sasuke.

5 months have past since I've been here me and Menma were finally allowed to be together but it felt different he didn't look so healthy he seemed disgusted, sick, and depressed I wonder what did master ever do to him.

We were laying on the cold floor together in a dark room but nothing ever came to attack us at all I even sometimes find myself wondering what was master up to.........

Menma's POV

I felt horrible.

why am I even hear right now.

I wanna stay here with Naruto but.......after what happened....after what he did.....I don't want to live any more.

I'm sick, tired, I just wanna lay down fall asleep and never wake up again to this horrible place now I see why Naruto was afraid of this man he's dirty, cruel, and a huge pervert.

I felt someone tap my shoulder as I looked over to see....oh wait never mind I cant see jack...just kidding I have night vision....slightly so I have to squint my eyes to see my twin.

I was going to says something but than remembered I wasn't able to talk anymore I've destroyed my voice from screaming and pleading to be left alone and for him to stop I want to kill him, if I had the strength to do so oh wait did I forget to menchen (I don't think I spelled that right) that I am now pregnant with this mans child!

Ya I started showing signs of pregnancy about 2months ago Naruto knows because of how different my scent is.

I didn't want this to happen I just want my old happy life again that's all I'm asking for.

The man let me and my brother out of the room and I wanted him to make me lose this baby I didn't want it I know I'm supporting a living thing but if its his I wouldn't care it's not like he's gonna help me take care of it or treat me. better I'm helping to keep this child from ever meeting this man and I wont quiet till I do.

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