kidnapps and disapearances

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Kyuubi and menma were worried so much when naruto didnt return home like he said he would from the grocery store like he said he would as Kyuubi was more worried than Menma was cause he was just, flipping out.

Until Menma slapped him "ok we just need to calm down cause everything will be ok" the raven says as his ears were lowered once he began thinking while Kyuubi was still quit worried but was also holding his cheek from the slap, "you do know I might get you back for this right" the red fox says darkly as it Menma felt a chill on his back before nodding now terrified about everything.

The next few days Menma had went missing when he was heading for school leaving Kyuubi to be the last one left of his small family as he knew something was up.

As the red hair man decided to get to Itachi's house as he knocked on the door only to reveal a slightly worried Itachi standing right in front of him "what brings you here Uzumaki" the raven says "my brothers went missing" Kyuubi says as, he was worried sick "wait really" Itachi says causing Itachi to open the door even more to let the nine tails in side the house "so when did you find out your brothers were missing" Itachi asks "well Naruto went missing after he went to the grocery store and Menma went missing when he was walking to school" Kyuubi says.

"The reason I knew Naruto was missing was because I told him we were making ramen tonight and he is never late on ramen night" Kyuubi says again as Itachi gave him a look that says 'understand.....maybe'.

"And the reason I know Menma went missing is because I got a call from there teacher saying that Menma hadn't made it to class yet" Kyuubi says "Menma might of been skipping class" Itachi, says "I went to his school first on the way here and asked when was the last time they saw Menma they said at the front gate before he disappeared" Kyuubi says crossing his arms.

Itachi sighs as he ruffled his (secret) mates hair "we'll find them don't worry about it ok" the uchiha says as he smiled softly which gave Kyuubi some relief.

Time skip cause I really don't care hehe

Sasuke and Sasukie made it home only to see Itachi sitting on the couch with a worried Kyuubi "so what is he doing here" Sasukie asks crossing his arms "don't be mean Sasukie he's going threw something" Itachi says.

"what happened" Sasuke asks "Naruto and Menma have gone missing and I cant find them anywhere" Kyuubi says as he messed with one of his fluffy tails.

Sasukie slightly rolled his eyes as he went to his room while Sasuke stayed to help his brother Itachi comfort Kyuubi who looked like he was about to abliderat his poor tail "well don't worry Kyuubi I can look for your brothers for you ok" Sasuke says taking Kyuubi's hands into, his own as the red fox soon just hugged him out of no where.

Sasuke looked at Itachi who smiled at him "I'll go get some snacks alright" Itachi says as he got up and leaved the room and Sasuke got real worried about that "uh I'm gonna go to my room and...." Sasuke was, stuck in the red foxes grip "no let me hug you just a bit longer Sasuke" Kyuubi whined causing the to freaking want to just die already cause he felt Itachi staying daggers into his soul "I have homework that I really have to finish" Sasuke says though that was a lie "you can do it later" Kyuubi says though he, had a slight smirk on his face that Sasuke couldn't see which the young raven even more "your just trying to kill me now I'm running on a very short time limit of freaking 5seconds " Sasuke says as he quickly freed himself and back up as far as possible.

"good choice Sasuke" Itachi says as he seemed ticked "I'll be going now" Sasuke says as he ran out of there while the eldest uchiha sat beside his mate and hugged him "your to over protective he's only your brother" Kyuubi, says "I don't care no one but me and you siblings are allowed to hug you" Itachi says as he cuddled the nine tailed fox who smiled.

With Sasukie

He broke his pencil for the 5th time as his mind kept wondering as he started crying silently  "I cant do this" he whimpered as he put his head down on his desk until his room door opened up to reveal Sasuke "Sasukie" Sasuke says as he walked over to his twin brother.

"Sasuke...what do you want" Sasukie says as he quickly dried his eyes before looking at his brother "Pack your bag" Sasuke says in a serious tone.

"what are we doing" Sasukie asked not liking the ideal what so ever "shut up and pack you god darn bag" Sasuke growled before leaving the room while Sasukie only sighed and lowered his ears but did what his twin told him to do but was wondering what Sasuke was thing about.

As he packed his bag his tail slightly wagged but soon his mind wondered to his mate as he stopped and went down to his knees then looked up at the ceiling "I miss him so much why cant I just forget and move on" he growled rolling on the ground not happy with, the emotion he was feeling at all.

But as a whole hour went by his whole mind was clouded with images of him and Menma together causing to just be a crying mess on the floor.

"I just want to forget him why am I not allowed to forget just why I don't need him I don't want him I....I...." Sasukie's ear were flat against his head as he rolled around unable to get Menma house his mind "Why...."


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