Missing you

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Kyuubi woke up early in the morning as he sighed and went to make breakfast for him and his brothers who haven't woken up yet but he wasn't his normal self at all cause he missed his mate so much, but couldn't be with him since Menma and Sasukie don't get along anymore.

But soon Kyuubi felt a pare of arms wrap around his waist causing him to look behind him "Naruto you up" Kyuubi says as he pets his little brother on the head "morning Kyuubi" Naruto says as he was only half awake at the time any way.

"morning kit" Kyuubi says as Naruto just mumbled a 'good morning' while still leaning on his older brother not wanting to let go but soon the red fox was hugged by another person as he sighed "good morning Menma" Kyuubi says "morning" Menma, replied as he just stayed there as the two kitsu's hugged there older brother who wasn't minding one bit for he was actually glad to feel some comfort.

After a while breakfast was ready

Menma and Naruto were ready for breakfast though Naruto almost messed up thinking he was still with the uchiha family but that also didn't work out much.

But Menma got up to go use the bathroom as Naruto sighed "I miss him" Naruto says as he lowered his ears "ya I miss my mate to" Kyuubi says while staying quiet "ya'know what I'm gonna sneak out tonight just to be with him" Kyuubi says getting, up "and I get to see Sasuke at school" Naruto says as they both smiled but they both had to calm down before Menma gets back so they wouldn't get caught.

Time skip brought to you by lil Sasuke>

At school Menma was holding Naruto's hand as they walked threw the halls even though they were given a weird look by everyone and Menma's nose almost fully healed but he still needed a bandage for it though.

They soon past by two certain uchiha's that go by the name of Sasukie and Sasuke as Menma went on the other side of Naruto.

As Sasukie glared at Menma and kept walking while Sasuke stopped and whispered something into Naruto's ear before following his twin brother "don't worry Menma he's not gonna hurt you again" Naruto says as he pets, his brother on the head "oh shut it...I don't need protection I jus...." Menma growled as his eyes started to well up with tears as Naruto started to slightly panic so he dragged his brother to the closest restroom so his brother could cry.

Menma cried until the bell ranged as Naruto continued to comfort his twin until someone walked in and that someone was Sai "oh what do we have here" Sai says as he looked at the twins who, were hugging "shut up and leave us alone" Naruto growled he wasn't in the mood to  have anyone mess around with him and his brother.

"what I don't see anything wrong" Sai says walking closer to the twins as Menma lets go of Naruto and punched Sai straight in the face before running as Naruto ran after his brother without being grabbed by Sai.

After about 5minutes later they made it to class "ah it's nice to see you two in class" Kakashi says as Naruto nodded and they had taken there seats but they weren't in there actual seats as Menma sat at the end Naruto beside, Menma Sasuke beside Naruto and Sasukie as the other end though they were still together just not in there assigned seats.

"Um may you 4 tell me the problem please" Kakashi asks "something bad happened between Sasukie and Menma so me and Naruto are separating them so you better be thankful" Sasuke says.

The class stared at the 4 completely confused with what was going on with them.

"you guys stop staring and look at the teacher already geez" Naruto yelled as everyone jumped and looked at the front bored.

Time skip>

Naruto was sitting beside Sasukie in one of the classes as they didn't say a single word to one another until Sasukie spoke "soooo...how's Menma" he asked as he looked at the blond "he's doing well his face is healing well two but why do you care" Naruto, asks as he was getting a little protective.

"just a thought that came to mind" Sasukie says as he looked up at the ceiling thinking.

With Kyuubi he was standing in front of Itachi with his head down "Itachi...I miss you so much....I haven't been able to even sleep with out you" Kyuubi says as he rubbed his arm until he was hugged "I miss you to" Itachi replies as the two pulled away slightly, looking into each other's eyes before kissing each other passionately until they had to go there separate ways "well I need to hurry up on a mission" Itachi says "ya and I need to make sure Naruto and Menma are ok bye" Kyuubi says as they went on there journey.

The red Fox knew he didn't want to let go of Itachi but he had to no matter how much he missed being in the Uchiha's arms he couldn't stay there long for he knows the dangers that is going after his brother's and he wants to protect them as much as possible.

For Itachi the Raven was assigned a mission from the hokage to go to the hidden Rain village to escort a letter.

So on his way there he made sure no one was trying to follow him and once he was sure he'd continue on his journey to his destination as he was determined to get the message there with out any trouble of a rouge ninja or anyone who would want to kill him.

He made it there with out getting hurt as he walked into the main town were hidden rains Kage was as he knocked on the door "come in" the Kage says as Itachi walked in "hello pain" Itachi says as he was holding a messenger scroll "this is for you pain".


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