fights and brake ups

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*baby voice* skip to normal paragraph when everything is ok........NOT!!


Menma and Sasukie were yelling at eachother in the middle of the night which woke up everyone halfway until there sounded like an explotion as Itachi got out of his room and sees the two fight each other.

Kyuubi also ran out of the room "we gotta stop this" he says as Itachi nodded in agreement as they went and stopped the fight.

Soon Sasuke and Naruto ran out of there rooms to see what was going on "what's going on" Naruto asks "you two stay back" Itachi yelled as Naruto hid behind sasuke who back up from the fighting that was going on as the raven knew naruto was terrified right now so he decided to leave the sight with the blond.

With Itachi, and Kyuubi

They were still holding Sasukie and Menma away from eachother so nothing worse can happen "I hate you so much" Menma yelled "I hate you to" Sasukie yelled back "I will never ever forive you ever I hate you I hate you I hate you I even regret falling in love with you" Menma yelled, as he than started to cry as Sasukie looked at his used to be lover as he stopped moving but Itachi didnt let go of him still until he was sure sasukie wouldnt do anything.

But soon Sasukie broke free from his older brothers grip as he punched Menma with so much force that he broke Menma's nose "I NEVER loved you anyway you dumb feline beach" Sasukie says coldly as he growled darkly and walked away but than stopped "oh we're BREAKING UP so dont you DARE try to come back or come near me" he says than slams his door shut.

Menma was now crying as he broke free from Kyuubi as he ran and slammed his and Naruto's bedroom door.

Kyuubi sighed and looked at Itachi who hugged him close "dont worry we'll find a way" itachi says as Kyuubi nods.

Naruto hear the doors slammed as he went to see what happened "Kyu what happened" naruto asks "NaNa...just....go check on your brother" Kyuubi says as the blond fox nods and went into the room he shared, with menma as he saw his brother who was shaking violently "Menma" Naruto says worried as he ran over to his brother and sat beside him as Menma hugged his twin brother while crying loudly from pain and heart break "what happened" Naruto asks hugging back "s-s-sasukie..h-he....we're....we...we br-broke up" Menma stuttered, as he cried even harder and hugged naruto harder "oh menma Im sorry to hear that here I'll go get a first aid kit" Naruto says as he managed to get his twin off of him and went to the bathroom and quickly found the first aid kit.

He came back and patched his twin brother up "we might have to take you to the doctor tomarrow to get your nose checked ok" naruto says as he earned a nod from Menma who was now patched up and cleaned up.

Soon the twin just laid in bed together as naruto comferted his as the blond softly purred which helped menma fall asleep.

With Sasuke

He checked on his twin brother who was laying in the bed facing the wall that had a big hole in it "Sasukie" Sasuke says "go away" Sasukie replied.

Sasuke sighs as he sat down on the bed were his brother was laying and ran his fingers threw his twins hair "sasukie" Sasuke says as his twin than rolled over and hugged sasuke "calm down ok" sasuke says as he ruffed sasukie's hair and rubbed the younger ravens ears, "sasuke.....can you sing for me please" Sasukie asks as he looks up at sasuke who sighed and layed down on the bed.

"Alright" Sasuke says as his twin smiles and lays beside sasuke who had began singing a song.



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The next morning

Naruto and Menma had woken up early because kyuubi had woken them up so they can get dressed and get to the hospital without running into Sasukie.

Kyuubi was carrying Naruto on his back as his little brother was still sleeping while menma stayed by the red fox side so he wouldnt get lost even though he knew the town from being in for so long but he grew an anxiety to being alone after what happened last night.

"Um kyuubi" Menma says softly as he grabbed onto his brothers shirt sleeve "ya what's wrong" kyuubi says "what are we gonna do" menma says as he was looking down "were gonna move back into an appartment" Kyuubi says as he pets menma's head as the raven nodded "ok" he says.

As the made it to the hospital they had to wait for a while just for the doctor to give menma a check up and Naruto was awake at the time so menma leaned on his twin brother who comferted him but soon Naruto spotted kakashi who was just about to leave,  until he spotted Naruto.

"hello naruto" Kakashi says as he walked over "hi kakashi sensei" Naruto says while menma didnt bother looking up or speak he just wanted to stay by his brothers side is all.

"so what brings you here naruto" kakashi asks "oh for a check up is all how about you" naruto says  "just check to see how sakura was doing nothing much but I exspect you to be in class once your done with your check up" kakashi says as he earned a nod from naruto before, the silver haired man left.

But soon Menma was called up and Naruto followed as he and Menma went to see if the raven was ok or not since last night was so violent.

With sasuke and Sasukie

Sasukie was grim and depressed as he walked by his brother side as they were heading to school "cheer up Sasukie" Sasuke says looking at his twin who only nodded slightly "sorry sasuke it's just I dont know what came over me last night and....and i was such a jerk i was so angry".


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