secret potions

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Sasuke was jogging by himself until he was stopped by Ino who had mistaken him for his twin Sasukie....again.

 "hey Sasukie how are you today" Ino asks as she giggles "m...." he was cut off by her "that's great Sasukie" Ino says "now I need you to come with me please" she says again taking Sasuke's wrist but he quickly pulled, away "I'm not Sasukie he's at home" Sasuke says as Ino still didn't listen "aww don't be like that" she says so Sasuke decided to just run back home as he managed to loose her.

Sasuke's POV

I made it back home and sighed as I than saw my brother, he was laying on the couch with his arm out his eyes "alright what wrong" I said closing the front door than locked before walking up to him "I don't know what's wrong with me sasuke it's like I feel like I'm ruining my own relation ship sasuke I can't loose him sasuke" sasukie says as he looked up at me with teary eyes and that's weird cause my brother never cries oh wait never mind that's me, but anyway I just crossed my arms.

"What did you do" I said as I moved his head for me to sit down as he laid his head on my lap though I didn't like it I had to play the stupid brother or what not part "I don't know menma has been acting weird lately like a lot I don't seemed to under stand he's been distancing himself from me a lot or maybe I'm just pushing him away I don't know" sasukie says, as itachi soon walked into the living room but spotted us "what are you two doing" he asks us.

"Sasukie was sad so I decided to comfort him" I said with out being fazed at all as itachi just looked at me for a few seconds but shrugged and kept walking.

I sighed softly and looked down at my twin brother and just messed around with his ears as he started laughing "you shouldn't be gloomy that's my job dummy" I said as Sasukie just continued laughing while his tail wagged happily, until Menma walked in "I'm heading out" Menma says as he hid his ears and tails than just left the house without a second thought but than Naruto ran after his twin and hid his ears and tails than ran for it.

Something strange was going on and I'm planning to find out what's up so I tapped my brothers head so he'd let me get up than I went to the kitchen were Itachi was "hey Itachi" I said earning his attention "Sasuke is something bothering you" he asked as I sat, down in a chair "ya It's about Sasukie and Menma they've been acting weird lately haven't you noticed" I asked "yes I have I've been meaning to try and find out" he says. 

After about 5minutes of talking about a plan we settled on stalkin.......following them to see what has them so uninlove we usually cant keep them away from each other but now there all distant.

Soon Naruto came back with Menma who seemed to have calmed down and went to the back room "what happened Naru" I asked as my little blond fox looked at me "We just talked is all Menma is mad" Naruto says, as he sighed and hugged me so I just hugged back.

Sasukie walked past an rolled his eyes though they showed sadness in them before leaving the house with his ears and tail covered and perfectly hidden.

"Sasuke I'm going to go follow you brother ok" Itachi says as  he hid his ears and tail as he left the house to follow Sasukie "Sasuke what are we going to do with our brothers" Naruto asks as his, ears were lowered "I don't know Naruto but until we do we gotta see what's up first" I said as I hugged his close and ran my fingers threw his soft blond hair and kissed his forehead.

"Alright Sasuke" Naruto says but soon my phone ringed as it ruined the moment so I just growled and answered my phone.

"hello Uchiha here"

"Sasuke It's me Kakashi"

"oh hey what is it"

"were going to the hospital today to check on sakura again wanna come"


"please it's good to have the whole team together like old times"

"why even bother I'm already going threw something"

"oh sorry than"

And with that Kakashi hung up the phone as I sighed and placed it down "who was It Sasuke" Naruto asks "It was Kakashi" I replied as he nodded.

Naruto's POV

I wonder what Kakashi-sensei wanted with Sasuke......oh well what ever it was it's not important to me.

Sasuke had pulled away from me as he went to the kitchen while I went to me and Menma's room as I see Menma drinking something "M-Menma" I said as he jumped slightly as he looked over at me as he finished the bottle "what is that" I asked, him "just something I got from the store is all"  Menma says but I knew he was lying cause he would of placed it in the forigerator but I was with my brother the whole time so when did he get the time to ever grab a drink.

I grabbed the bottle from his hand as I looked at it firmly before looking back up at him "Menma what is this" I asked him again as he growled "It's none of you god barn business now shut up and leave me alone" he yelled "but...." "fine if you wanna know what it is its a certain potion there happy good good great now leave!!!!" Menma yelled as he threw a pillow at me but not just a pillow anything close to him so I dropped the bottle and ran out the room and closed the door before he threw something dangerous at me so I just sighed and decided that I should leave him alone.


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