Never Knew I Could Feel This Way (GirlxGirl Love Story)

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I will never ever forget the day I met Missy Ann.It was the most funniest day of my life,something I will always remember.


I was swinging on the monkey bars at my school.The third day of Kindergarten actually.It was recess.I didn't have any friends at the time.I was very...aggressive.My fellow classmates were afraid of me.Shows how much of a bitch I was back in the day:D

So I was just swinging away,minding my own business when this little punk,Ryan,grabs my feet and pulls me down.Asshole,right?I fell on the dirt,staining my new dress my mom bought for me.I stared at him.This little punk ass bitch.Who is you boy?!

I got up off the ground,angry as fuck.He was laughing at me.I was actually about to cry.Everyone was laughing at me that saw.I never felt more embarrassed.

Then out of no where,my angel came along.

Missy:Hey leave her alone!

I heard a squeaky little voice.

Boy:Or what?

Missy:Or...or...I will tell the teacher on you!

His eyes widened and he ran away.Serves him right.



She starts walking away towards the swings.I looked at her confused.She didn't tell me her name.


I walked up to the swings.She was now sitting on one.I stood in front of her.

She looked up at me.

Me:You didn't tell me your name.

Missy:Missy Ann

Me:That's...different.My names Nicky.

I held out my hand.She looked at it curiously.

Missy:Ummm hi.

She shook it hesitantly.You could tell she was shy.

Me:You wanna be friends?!

I asked,my eyes brightening.I can finally have a friend that won't be afraid of me!Yippee!

She nodded slightly.


I hugged her out of no where.Yes,I was random at a young age.

-End Flashback-

Not only did Missy Ann become my girlfriend but she was my one and only best friend. <3

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