Who Would Have Thought Part 2.

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We were walking to the pier in an comfortable silence. I don't what it is but something about Hailey is just calming to me. I looked at her and god did she look beautiful. She had a few lose strands of hair on her face. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

Hailey:"What? Do I have have something on my face?"She asked panicked. I chucked and shook my head.

Y/n:"No I'm just enjoying the view is all"I said making her blush and look down"Tell me more about you"I said looking at her.

Hailey:"What do you wanna know?"She asked.

Y/n:"Uh let's see"I said trying to think of what to ask her"How does it feel when you modal?"I asked.

Hailey:"I guess it's just the rush of eagerness and nerves at the same time when a show is starting...kinda like how you get when you are about to perform"She said. I nodded"What made you go into the music industry?"She asked.

Y/n:"Well since I was a kid I always had an appreciation for music. I used to listen to my dads music and I used to try and learn the strings and then everything just developed from there...my songs and my life"I said"I guess music has been there in a way for me were no one has"I said looking forward then at her. She nodded and had a small smile on her face.

Hailey:"So Kenny tells me you're a big family person"She said. I nodded and chuckled.

Y/n:"Sadly yes"I said making her laugh"I love my family more than anything including Kenny and them. I've grown up with them and I can't really see a future without having them by my side"I said shrugging.

Hailey:"That's sweet Y/n"She said. I nodded and gave her a small smile.

Y/n:"And you?"I asked looking at her.

Hailey:"I love my family but I guess the only down side to modeling is not being able to spend much time with them and just have a somewhat normal day with them"She said. I nodded understanding.

Y/n:"Yeah it's hard but you got us now"I said smiling at her. She looked at me and smiled.

Hailey:"Really?"She asked.

Y/n:"Well you have me"I said. She looked down and nodded. We walked to the pier talking and laughing on the way. We arrived there and walked up to the ice cream place I knew.

Hailey:"Oh my god! This place"She said. I looked at her and nodded"My sister and I come here whenever were both in town to catch up"She said. I smiled at her.

Y/n:"Really?"I asked. She nodded and looked at me confused.

Hailey:"Why?"She asked confused.

Y/n:"Nothing just that my sisters and I do the same when we're out of town and meet up after a really long time.. Same with the others"I said. She smiled big and nodded.

Hailey:"I guess we have a few things in common then"She said. I nodded and walked up to the girl and smiled.

Y/n:"Hi can I have a bubblegum ice cream and what would you like Hails?"I asked her.

Hailey:"I'll have the same"She said to the girl. She nodded and took our orders and I paid for the ice cream and found us some seats"I could have paid you know"She said sitting down. I sat across her and shook my head.

Y/n:"I asked you therefore I pay"I said. She smiled and nodded.

Hailey:"So any relationships?"She asked. I chuckled and shook my head.

Y/n:"No but apparently I'm dating Kendall and we're very serious"I said making her laugh.

Hailey:"Oh my god! You guys are like the perfect couple"She said making me laugh and nod.

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