Mɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛ's Chιld

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Prologue- Player's Potion

Thirteen Years Later

As I was waking up from my dream, I took off my Beats earphones that was blasting 'Can You Stand the Rain' by New Edition. My mom didn't like us listening to the garbage music that was produced nowadays, so she made us get into artists from the ninety's or eighties and early 2000s.

I stretched out placing my slightly hairy size ten feet on the cold tile floor. I sluggishly grabbed my towel to head out to the bathroom which was in the hall, well there were two in the hall, but because I have an older sister and the twins it's always a fight or argument.

I banged on the restroom door, but all she did was shout at me. I sighed and my lil' brother came out his room with his blue polo shirt and white jeans uniform on. He looked at me shaking his afro.

"Lyric been in there for like two hours already. You should be happy this is her last year of high school"

I threw my towel over my shoulder "Is Imani done in the other one?" he shook his head 'no' "Damn... you know mom's gonna trip".

"She told you like thirty nine times to get ready before them because she know how they are."

"Kimani!!!!" we heard her scream as her footsteps echoed on the staircase.

We both stared at the stair rail with fear in our eyes. He ran back into his room saying "You on your own bro" and tapping me on my shoulders.

I was standing besides the door not moving a muscle. I just knew that both Lyric and Imani will be getting revenge for this.

"Kima-" I felt her staring at my bare back which burned "Really Quayon, How many times did I tell you to wake your ass up before them girls? It is six thirty. Who in this bathroom?" she pointed at the door.

"Lyric, and Imani is in the other" without a hesitation she banged on both doors screaming their names once telling them to get the hell out. Lyric had her uniform on when she came out, so I don't know why she didn't let me in and Imani rushed into her room as quick as a rat.

"You have ten minutes to get yourself cleaned up. Your breakfast will be in the microwave since you decide to not follow directions" she spoke strictly and stern before she made her way to Kimani's room.

I took a quick shower which included my morning piss, brushing my teeth and cleaning everything up. I got out within seven to eight minutes and headed to my room to put on my deo, lotion and uniform . I grabbed my breakfast from out of the microwave oven and took it into the school as she drove us there.

We all attended Woodrow Wilson High in Long Beach so the drive wasn't long at all. I stepped out of the car eating my blueberry waffle as the cold wind blew across my face.

"Love You guys!" she said before driving off and we replied "Love you more!"

It was time to head to our last and final block of the day, the one I hated the most, SCIENCE. I fell asleep all the time making Ms. Grandy upset causing her to add multiple F's in the gradebook. I walked in and sat in my regular seat in the middle of the class before the bell rang.

"Good Morning students ta-"

I raised my hand saying "Correction. It's almost one, so good afternoon" I smiled.

"Quayon, class has just began and I do not need any interruptions from you, so go to sleep like you always do."

"Are you giving me permission because it's not a problem. Your class is boring as f-" I shook my head.

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