Chapter 3

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"I'm so sorry." A woman spoke as tried to pick up the containers that weren't opened. Marc recognised the voice. He looked at the woman trying to in some way clear the mess he'd just had a hand in making. Kya, he thought. By the time he recollected his thoughts, Jake was by his side laughing. Kya stood up straight and couldn't help but laugh too.

"I should be one who's sorry. I couldn't see where I was going." He tried explaining. Kya stopped laughing and studied his face. She'd seen it before.

"Marc?" she says, unsure of the name.

"Hi Kya" he says with a smile. She took in his features and the way his face lit up when he smiled. He was a good looking, no doubt. He was everything a male supermodel should be. He was like a living breathing god. Suddenly she realised she'd been staring for too long. Jake quietened and stares at her and his friend. Marc's lips were twitching. He was biting a smile.

"Are we always gonna be meeting like this?" she asks. "Cuz every time we meet something kinda drastic happens." She laughs and so does Marc. It all suddenly clicked in Jake's head.

"I'm sorry. Our meetings aren't planned." He couldn't help but stare at her top which had a huge splat of lilac and also her cleavage which had tiny splatters that stood out against her golden brown skin. He smiled and pointed at the splat on her top. She looked at her top.

"You've got paint on your urm. Your...umm top." He looks at her.

"No shit Sherlock." She says lightly smacking him.

"Ouch! That hurt."

"You're such a kid." She laughed. He still rubbed the spot she'd smacked. "I didn't hit you hard besides you're the one who walked into me. I could have been seriously hurt. What if I had an important bikini casting in like five minutes how would I get this of" she joked. The thought of her in a bikini was driving him crazy.

"How about we start again. From scratch." He extended his arm. "My name's Marc Cohen." She shook his hand. She noticed his firm grip and she liked that in a man. She smiled.

"I'm Kya" she says. "Kya Brown." She looked to Jake who was staring at her intently.

"This is Jake my best friend." She also shook Jakes hands and introduced herself. Jake smiled warmly.

"Nice to meet you." He says. He notices her accent and so does Marc. "I am right to guess that you're American?"

"Yea. I'm from New York actually. I'm just here for work. Then I'll be back home." She said the last sentence with a huge smile Marc noticed. He was starting to notice everything else too. Like the curve of her body. The golden tone of her skin. The squint at the corners of her eyes when she smiled or laughed. And finally her lips, her favourite part of her. They were glossy and shiny and lush and so many other words he would love to describe them with.

"You're a model right? Because you were on the it catwalk or-" Marc says

"It's a runway and yea I am." She pulled her bag up her shoulder. "Nice meeting you, again Marc. Jake. I gotta go now." She was about to walk off but Marc gently took her arm. He looked right into her eyes as he spoke.

"We could drop you of, where are you heading? I've already caused enough trouble as it is." He let go of her arm. Jake laughed. She looked to him then to Marc then back again to Jake.

"I'm sorry for the hassle and I don't wanna be a burden." Now she spoke to Jake "If it's okay with you."

"Sure. Yes hop along." He grinned. "I'll just get some more paint and meet you guys at the till." He was off to find more paint and Kya and Marc both left for the till. People muttered and turned heads turned as they walked past. Marc thought of two reasons why; the huge paint splat on his shirt or the fact that both him and Kya have been all over the news lately after that night. They were branded as a couple. As for Kya there could only be one reason why people stared and talked, the paint on her top. To hell with them cuz she didn't give a damn. Things happen and you get over it and it seems quite childish doesn't it, staring at people. They both held their heads high as they walked to the nearest till. A thought immediately struck her. Marc's cheek. She turned to him.

"How's the cheek?" she tried to remember where she'd hit him.

"It's been over a week now. It's all cleared." He smiled. She let out a sigh of relief. Jake joined them at the till, they finished paying and got into the car.

"So where are we heading?" marc asked Kya.

"Camden." She says. She turns to the rear view mirror and he is staring right at her. She quickly looks away. He smiles and drives into traffic. All three of them involved in a conversation filled but Marc tried as much as he could to get to know her much more. He felt he needed to spend more time with her. They found out she just moved to London for a modelling job which will probably last weeks or even months. She discovered who they were; sons of multi-billionaires and heirs to billions. They finally got to her flat and helped her get the paint inside.

"Have a seat." She offered. "Would like something to drink?" Marc exchanged looks with Jake.

"Beer would be nice, Thank you." Marc says. Jakes phone rings and he picks it up. Kya goes to get the beer and when she gets back Jake is stood up like he's about to go. She puts the cold beers on a small table in front of Marc and Jake. She opens a can for herself and takes on long swig before setting it down.

"I have to go, Kya. I have a business meeting in half an hour and I need to prepare for it." He says. She gives him a hand shake and he kisses her cheek. "Nice meeting you. Maybe we'll talk some other time." He says as he leaves taking his beer with him.

"No drinking and driving my car!" Marc screamed out.

"Shut up!" Jake shouted back as he closed the door behind him. Kya smiled. They had a weird relationship, she thought. Marc looked at her and she looked like she was in deep thought.

"Anything the matter?" he asked.

"Oh nothing." He looked around the room they sat in. it was bare, white walls with plain scarce furnishing. Oh my, I'm spose to be painting she thought.

"Uuummm do you mind, I need to paint." She says pointing to the bare walls of her living room.

"Oh. Can I help with that?" he asks. She pondered.

"You're a guest you're not supposed to do anything but be comfortable." She told him.

"Well, I do have a say in what would make me comfortable, right? So I want to help you paint." He stated. She shrugged and walked into her bedroom to change to shorts and an old shirt. She walks out tying the shirt just above her belly button. Her back was turned to Marc and he couldn't help stare. Her ass was as perfect as perfect could be. Well-rounded, shapely and firm. She turned around putting her hair into a tight bun with bobby pins stuck between her lips. She didn't notice he was drooling and he thanked God for that. He got a nice view of her body from head to toe; she was magnificent. Her hour glass figure, golden brown skin and lips were driving him insane. He imagined kissing and nibbling on those lips whilst letting his hand roam all over her body. He had to snap himself out of that thought.

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