Chapter 1

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Sierra's POV

Waking up to the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock was the worst thing ever. I sat on my bed, looking out of the window to the beautiful sky. I was completely lost in my own world.

HOLY SHIT! I have an interview today. I am gonna be late if I don't hurry up. I really need a job right now and I cannot afford losing this opportunity without even trying. I quickly made my way to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. 

Here I am in my not so big closet, having to make the most difficult decision of the day. I need to make a good impression so obviously I need to have a formal look that will be appropriate for the interview. As mom always says the first impression is the last. I finally chose a decent pencil skirt and a plain black long sleeve blouse. Satisfied with the outcome, I continued getting ready. I quickly brushed my hair and put on some subtle makeup.

Suddenly I started feeling a wave of loneliness wash over me as I walked down the stairs of my empty house

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Suddenly I started feeling a wave of loneliness wash over me as I walked down the stairs of my empty house. I wish my parents were here to encourage me for my interview. I have an amazing family. My parents are madly in love with each other and are always caring about all their children. 

In order to actually move out, I had to beg my dad and he wasn't agreeing before my mom made him understand that I want to face the world on my own and be independent. I am just a girl with the dream of standing on her own feet and fighting for herself. 

I also have three annoying but caring siblings: three big brothers who treats me like a child and being the youngest one you can imagine how it has been difficult for guys to even approach me in high school. 

Everyone was scared of them, mostly of Jayden: he is the eldest and is always cold to others except the family. Fortunately, I have at least one guy friend, Noah, and the brothers approved of him because he is gay and as they say he is of no threat.

All my brothers, Jayden, Aiden and Caiden, manage their own businesses and they are really good cooks unlike me who almost burnt down the house trying to cook dinner one evening. Since then, I never tried to cook ever again. 

I am their only sister so they kind of get all protective over me. Other times, they are just annoy the hell out of me. We literally fight so much but we all know that no matter how annoyed we are with each other, we will always have each others' back. I miss them terribly.  I guess I will just call them a bit later because I am getting late.

Rushing down to the kitchen, I called for a taxi and started to have my breakfast. If you could say that an oatmeal bar and an apple is a breakfast. "Shit! I am sure that I am gonna be late," I whispered to myself as I shoved the last bite of the oatmeal bar in my mouth.

The taxi was already here and I was just running to make sure it doesn't leave me. I probably was looking like a mess running around like this.

After 10 minutes drive, I finally reached my destination. I paid the driver and got off the taxi making my way to the entrance. I must say this is quite a majestic building. I made my way to the receptionist who had a huge smile. Thank god she seems nice. 

"Good morning, I am here for the interview for the post of secretary," I said with a smile. I found it so comforting that she seem like a really friendly person and she started by saying "Good morning, I am Darcy Rogers and you can call me D. You should go on the tenth floor and ask for the HR office to the receptionist on that floor." With a smile I thanked her and told her my name.

I rushed to the elevator but before reaching the doors I found myself crashing against something hard. What the fuck! There wasn't anything there before. Opening my eyes, I saw the most attractive man that I have ever seen. Getting on my feet, I couldn't help but stare into his deep blue eyes. I could see myself drowning in them. 

I came back to reality when he cleared his throat to catch my attention. "Aren't you going to apologize," he said with a smirk. Hearing this, I was utterly shocked. How dare he ask me to apologize when it's not even my fault. I glared at him. "It wasn't even my fault, YOU came out of nowhere and bumped into me," I snapped at him. 

Looking behind him, I saw the elevator doors open again so I made my way there without even sparing a last glance at the arrogant bastard who just ran into me. I heard him calling out for me but I am already late and I don't have time to deal with him. He really is really a handsome guy but the audacity he has urgh. I have a feeling that I am going to see him around.

The rest of the day went by smoothly and if you are wondering about the interview I was actually late but that was not a problem because there was a lot of woman in the waiting room already.

I actually just celebrated my 20th birthday last week. I actually skipped a few classes before and got into university early. Thus I graduated early and now I am onto the next chapter of my life which is getting a job. Despite the fact that I got rejected from many other companies, I have a feeling that this will be the one. I mean I surely hope so. 

The people who interviewed me told me that they would call me to inform me if I got the job and that is why I am currently sitting on my bed and repeatedly looking at my phone. I guess I haven't got the job because I have been waiting for like forever for this phone call. 

"Sierra get your ass out of that bed and do something productive for once," I thought to myself. Just as I got up from my bed, my phone started to ring making me turn briskly. Quickly I reached for my phone and somehow fell from the bed in the process. Calming down, I answered the phone. "Hello......"


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