chapter eighteen | arrival

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"What, another mission? Didn't we just complete one?" Reaper protested.

"I'll treat you to food after the mission if you stop protesting every time I introduce you guys to a mission," Sienna rolled her eyes.


"This Saturday, we are going to a ball in Chronologica, as part of our undercover mission to keep an eye on the royals, to protect them, especially from Morrison, who is still at large. The princess's name is Crystalline."

"Does she use magic too?" Kaito asked.

Sienna looked up and tried to recall any mentions of her using magic. Then she looked back to us. "If I'm not wrong, I saw her in a magazine article which mentioned her using very simplistic magic. I think it's the Sun Holy magic or something."

Kaito's mouth made the shape of an 'O', nodding slowly.

With a determined look on her face, Sienna clapped her hands. "Alright, we got two more days to the ball, so until then get some rest. I don't want to hear any more complaints," the Fire mage's eyes narrowed at Reaper for a split before moving back to all of us.

"For the girls, feel free to get a gown to blend in. You could ask Lana to help make you one, even."

Hearing this, Lana pumped her fist. "Yes!"

I internalised this, even happily thinking of the colour of the gown I would put on, having barely worn anything like that before. I'm pretty sure Lyra felt the same.

Looking at her, I saw her bright green eyes looking down as if she was studying the tablecloth's fabric intensively, with a small smile on her face.


Before I knew it, two days had flown by. I woke up on a Saturday morning, feeling the slightest bit apprehensive. After eating another round of Kaito's pancakes, the twelve of us headed out.

"D-do we have to take the train?" asked Emma hesitantly. I could see she still wasn't very used to speaking.

"Nope, in Princess Crystalline's letter it was stated that she would send a carriage to us. Pretty awesome, right?" Lana said.

"Ye- Wait a minute, how do you know that?" Sienna questioned.

"Peeking, obviously."

Sienna sighed. "Well, Reaper and Grim, are you having your suits tailored?"

"No. We aren't wearing suits. Grim's going to disguise us as air," Reaper answered.

"But what if Morrison comes and finds you two out?" Kaito asked.

"Then we'll beat the crap out of him." Grim crossed his arms stubbornly.

"The rest of you can change into the appropriate clothes," Sienna ushered us. We headed to our respective rooms to change.

I had previously asked Lana to make- actually, no, she volunteered quite willingly- me a dress for the occasion. Turns out her dressmaking skills aren't too shabby, I thought as I put it on hastily after a quick shower.

I examined the gown. The right strap hung loosely on my shoulder, but that was intentional according to Lana. My right sleeve tightly made its way down to my wrist, unlike my left sleeve that left a lot of space, with ruffles at the end. As the dress descended to my ankles, it changed from sky blue to ocean blue, parting at the center and revealing a long cream coloured skirt which served as a second layer. 

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