5 / a long night

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Even when Melody headed back to Manchester on Friday morning, after spending a couple of days with her mother, Ishaana had stayed in Farnleigh until Monday morning, only leaving once her sister's half term was over and she was back at school and she absolutely had to get back in order not to miss her first seminar of the week. It had been odd to spend a few days at home, away from the buzz of the city as she tried to settle into the gentle moseying life in Farnleigh. She had spent all her time with her sister, the two of them even wandering over to the graveyard where their parents were buried, and she had taken Priya out for lunch a couple of times, indulging in a feast of meat and potatoes without Sunita's watchful eye.

It had been a surprising few days, spending five nights in the room that had been designated as hers when she had first moved in, though it still didn't feel like it belonged to her. Her things were in there, everything she hadn't taken with her to Manchester, but it still felt more like a storage space than a room she called her own and part of her envied the time her sister had had to slip into their new life. They'd hardly known Sunita before they'd had to move in with her, and for Ishaana, that was still true.

The first week back at university after nine days of nothing was difficult to slip into, getting back into the routine of turning up to at least the majority of her lectures and seminars, but normalcy returned by the time Saturday came around. After a day in town with Melody and Pearl, when the three of them had gone shopping together and Ishaana had dipped into her student loan to treat herself in Victoria's Secret, all she could think about was Casey.

He was on her mind, her thoughts lingering on the last message he had sent her, two full weeks ago. He would see her around. Now it was the twenty-ninth of February, a day that Ishaana kept forgetting even existed, and she lay on her bed after a shower with her phone in her hand. It wasn't late – she hadn't even sat down for supper yet, which Pearl was cooking – but every time Casey's face flickered into her mind, she remembered the way he had made her feel.

Her skin fizzed with an ache of lust as she thought about the slap of his thighs against hers, the way he had pounded her to ecstasy, and she couldn't resist switching her phone onto incognito mode. Her thumbs knew exactly where to take her, loading up the pages that had quickly become her favourite once she had learnt that she could find porn on Tumblr, and her fingers teasingly grazed over her breasts as she waited for the site to load. She had a good twenty minutes before supper, plenty of time to release the tension that had built up inside over the past two weeks. A sexless fortnight, during which every orgasm had been of her own volition.

Halfway through the first video that she loaded, an amateur self-shot clip of a couple masturbating next to each other, Ishaana's groin tingled and she slipped her hand down her naked body. Holding her phone in one hand, wearing only one earphone in case someone came knocking, she toyed with her pubic hair as she watched the video. She usually spent a good fifteen minutes teasing herself with three or four videos before her fingers ever probed deeper, but she didn't have time for that today. Twenty minutes was enough for an orgasm, but not enough for her to fuck herself the way she liked it.

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