Chapter 25

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CHAPTER 25  "Let the right one in"

At that moment I didn't care how much Natsu thought we were mates . No not right now he looked pissed as hell and I wasn't gonna get killed by him at this moment either . "Let . Me . In." Natsu looked directly into my eyes . Somehow his compulsion didn't work on me anymore . "No. I'm not gonna invite you in . Not while you're like this . "

"I said , let me in!" He screamed at me still looking into my eyes . "It's not gonna work on her Dragneel . Not while she wears the trinket that's been in her family for generations . " Jack says walking to the doorstep standing just 3 feet away from it .

"How dare you?! She's my mate! You have no right to even be near her and you know that!You're walking down a dangerous path Jack and you know it!"  Natsu screams raging . His eyes went from green to a glowing aqua blue from so much rage .

Curiousity strikes me and i finally speak up again . "What do you mean by he isn't even supposed to be near me ?" Natsu looks at me . "Oh he didn't tell you did he ." He looks at Jack and crosses his arms smirking . "Well looks like you've got some explaining to do . After all you're the one who killed her father and after that kidnapped her to make sure that she wouldn't find out ."

"Juvia don't listen to him he's lying." Jack says but i don't believe him . Not a word he says .

My eyes widen and I suddenly run up my room and lock the door as fast as I can .

T H I R D    P E R S O N ' S    P.O.V

"We have to stop him ." Erza says pacing . Gray stands up and rubs her shoulders . "We will just calm down it's not like he's gonna go kill someone or aything . "

"I know but still . " "I need a breather ." Lyon says standing up and going outside . 'There has to be some way to bring her back to safety , there's just something about that Jack guy that just doesn't click.' "Lyon..." Suddenly someone speaks up from behind him . "Huh?" He turns around to be face to face with Lucy . "What do you want bitch?" He spits out with anger in his voice .

"Ouch . That hurt . Not even a hi or 'i missed you' . Getting kind of rude aren't we . " She says fake pouting . He just scoffs and turns around his back facing her . "What did that Lockser bitch get to you too ?" She asked him in a teasing tone . "Back of Heartfilia it's bad enough that you almost got her killed once . "

"I was just returning the favor for all those centuries ago . She can't remember anything though thanks to that protective birth mark that's shaped like an N that clearly stands for Natsu's idiotic and paranoic protection . " Lucy says rather annoyed .

"It's better that way . " Suddenly Gray and Erza walk out . "Lucy what are you doing here?" Gray asks and puts Erza behind him . "I'm just here to tell you guys that the guy that Juvia's with is the hunter and that there's more . They're after Natsu and Juvia though so you'd better get going and find them . That is if they aren't dead already . " After saying that Lucy walks away and dissapears .

"What was that about ?" Gray asks . "No time for that you heard her Natsu and Juvia are in danger we have to find them and quickly . Lyon lead the way ." Erza says firmly .

"Right ! This way follow me !" And with that they all speed as fast as their supernatural speed can take them .

J U V I A ' S    P. O. V :

I start to look around my room breathing fast and panting . I have to get out of here . I knew this was too good to be true .

"Juvia!!!" Jack screams banging on my door . "Juvia let me in please I can explain , just open the door!" He keeps screaming . I keep looking for an escape and my eyes land on the window . I quickly slide the glass to the side and get out . I have two options I can jump to that tree and climb down or just jump straight to the ground . Suddenly the door gets kicked and in comes a raging Jack .

I don't think twice . I jump and i land on a bush on my back . It hurt a bit but i have no time to think about it . I run to the front yard . "Natsu!!!!! Natsu where are you ?!?!?!" I scream running . "Juvia!!!!" Jack screams running after me . "Natsu!!!!!!" I try to run faster . "Juvia!" I hear Natsu . "Over here Natsu!" He comes to me full speed . And puts his arms around me protectively . "Get on my back ." I do as he tells me and he carries me and starts speeding out of the mansion . "We have to hurry he was after us . "

"Yeah i know." He says as he speeds . Suddenly he falls and I get off of him . "Natsu!" I look at him to see him holding his leg in pain . There's a silver arrow stuck in it . I look up to see Jack's friend the other hunter . "What did you do to him?!?!" I scream . "Stake arrow with holy acid , paralyzes whatever it touches . He'll be in pain for a long while . Now get up and go with Jack or I'll kill you myself . " He points his bow and arrow at me .

"Kill me . " I say with a cold stare .

             To be continued . . .

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