Chapter Twenty Eight

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James loved the painting as expected and accepted to sell it at a higher price.

I'd told Lucas about my break up and he was great comfort.

The weekend arrived fast enough. I decided to travel to Brooklyn Friday night with Yasmin but we planned to return Saturday cause there was a party to be thrown Saturday night by another fraternity. The sigma alpha phi. Apparently it was one not to miss and plus, Yasmin really wanted to go.
We finally travelled Friday night while Lucas left campus to spend the night with his parents. We'd all be back Saturday afternoon.


As always, I was more than glad to be with my momma once again. She looked good and healthy, proof that the money I always sent to her was useful and helped her a lot.
The next day just before traveling, Yazz and I went visiting the whole quarter and our friends.  Of course King was no where to be found cause the cops were still after him.


"Oooh my first college party! Oh, this is gonna be great." Yazz exclaimed as she made up. It was eleven PM and we were getting ready for the party which had began since ten. So we were an hour late.

While Yazz applied make up, I did my hair, putting back my curls. I then tied my hair into a bun. I got my hair dye spray and sprayed my bun into golden brown.

I wore a black long sleeve crop top, slightly above my navel and a pair of tiny black jean shorts and sneakers. To me I looked good.

"Girl, you're sexy but aren't you gonna make up just a little bit?" Yasmin asked.

"Ha-ha, but no." I said sarcastically.

At that moment, Megan entered my room, all dressed, sexy and ready too.

"You done? We're late. The other girls just left."

"We know. Please tell Harlem here that she needs to apply some makeup." Yasmin complained.

"Oh harl, please do it. Just for tonight okay? Just for tonight." Megan pleaded. They both pleaded and I gave in.



I sat down and allowed them to make me up. Soon they were done. I stood and faced them.

"Omg, you're gorgeous!" Megan exclaimed.

"Sis, you slay! You look different and hot at the same fucking time!" Yazz exclaimed and I laughed.

"Here put this." Megan laughed, throwing some huge fur coat around my shoulders. Yasmin laughed. I stared at them.

"Seriously??" I asked, "I look like I killed a black bear

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"Seriously??" I asked, "I look like I killed a black bear. No way am I putting this shit." I laughed, taking the coat off me and throwing it. The girls laughed.

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