Chapter 30 - Responsibilities

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Harry was nothing if not resourceful and he pulled Draco's trousers down a little as his lover wiggled to help. The view was tantalising. With a little more manoeuvring he quickly had Draco's erection free from the confines of annoying cloth. However, there really was no room for his arms to be any more useful than that.

There really was only one thing for it. Leaning his head forward, he sucked the head of Draco's cock into his mouth and employed his tongue.

"Merlin's balls," Draco said, voice strangled in the way of someone trying not to be too loud.

[I'm far more interested in yours,] Harry replied and sent his soulmate a mental image of what he would have been doing with them had they been within reach.

Draco moaned in a most gratifying manner and pleasure sparked between them. It lit up Harry's nerves like little prickles of lightning as Draco failed to hold anything back. He hummed his enjoyment, which only increased the experience for both of them.

In the back of his mind he realised they probably didn't have a whole lot of time. There was a house full of people and someone was bound to want to use the bathroom sooner or later, so he set about giving Draco his reward with supreme focus.

By now he knew exactly what Draco liked. He was lacking finesse given the position he was in, but, with his hands supporting his soulmate, he did his best to drive Draco to distraction. He sucked, he licked, he bobbed his head and Draco responded to every move.

At times Harry had to concentrate hard to keep his mind on what he was doing, because Draco was reflecting everything back at him without reservation. Draco's fingers wound into his hair, pulling just enough to be exciting.

"Harry," Draco moaned quietly.

Draco was so close, it was more than obvious because Harry was teetering on the edge as well. As soon as Draco went, Harry knew he would as well. This was more about mutual gratification than anything else now. Using Quidditch trained muscles, Harry lifted himself up just a little and gave himself enough leverage to take in as much of Draco's cock as he could get to and sucked hard.


One of Draco's hands disappeared from his hair and he had the distinct impression of teeth digging into flesh before Draco's orgasm hit him like a tsunami. He swallowed, pulled back and gasped his way through his own shuddering completion as most motor power failed him.

There were many wonderful things to be said for a mutual orgasm, but it being good for higher brain function was not one of them. The way the pleasure bounced back and forth between them made him shake to his very core. It was, quite frankly, amazing.

[Harry, talk to me,] Draco seemed to have regained his wits first.

[Give me a sec,] he replied, but did open one eye to peer up at his soulmate.

Draco gave him a very pleased smile. It was then Harry realised Draco's clothes looked a lot more mussed than he remembered. He didn't really recall his hands doing a great deal, but apparently they had been busy while his brain was otherwise occupied. The only way to describe Draco was debauched. Not that his soulmate seemed to mind.

[Do I look as bad as you?] he asked and grinned.


Harry would have laughed, but just about then Draco's cushioning charm failed and he discovered there was a plug loose in the bath and it was sticking in rather delicate places. Extracting himself from the tub, although he was rather enjoying how close he and Draco were, was becoming something of a priority for Harry. When he heard a noise outside on the landing it became even more urgent. As the handle on the door moved, he shook Draco's shoulder and pointed.

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