Part 16*

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Shravan: Doctor? Is everything alright? Sumo is fine right?

Doctor: Mr. Shravan, can I talk to you alone?

Shravan: Yes of course, let me drop you out.

Shravan walked the Doctor out to the driveway. As he took each step, his heart beat rose. What could the Doctor possibly say? Was Sumo going to be alright? Did I make a mistake? They both got to the car when the Doctor looked up at Shravan.

Doctor: Miss. Suman is still very weak. I know that she looks strong on the outside, but this is not true. She is still recovering so you will have to make sure that she takes complete bedrest. I know that you two just got engaged yesterday and that is probably why she was tired. But it is very important that you make sure she takes rest. She has a lot of external and internal injuries which are still healing, and of course there is a lot pf physical pain. The cause of her high fever was the pain.

Shravan: I am sorry Doctor, I know that it was my fault. Maybe I was in such a hurry with our relationship that I didn't realize that all of this might be too much for her. I will make sure she takes rest and try as much as possible to reduce her pain.

Doctor: Don't worry Mr. Shravan, I think it is a good thing that you two got engaged. It is important for her to have someone that she can rely on. Congrats to you two. You really do make a perfect pair.

Shravan: (blushing) Thank you.

The doctor leaves and Shravan rushes back into the house and straight into Sumo's room. Mamiji has left a pot with cold water and towels on the table side. He takes one and puts it on her forehead, carefully. He can feel the heat of her head through the thin cloth. He goes down and kisses her forehead. The majority of the day goes by with Shravan changing the wet cloth and making sure that her fever is in control.

Shravan was by her side all day and all night. He had fallen alseep on the chair in her room besides her. The next morning he woke up and saw the most beautiful thing right in from of him.

Shravan: (to himself) I want to wake up like this every single day. (smiling)

Suman began to move and slowly opened her eyes.

Sumo: Shr-shrava-n.......

Shravan: SUMO?? Sumo are you ok? Sumo, I was so worried!! (hugging her)

Sumo: Shravan I am fine. I have a slight headache though, thats it.

Shravan: Here, let me massage you!

Shravan sat on the other side of her bed and began to massage her head carefully, relieving her of all the pain. Just then Mamiji came inside the room.

Mamiji: Shravan, Suman Beta. You both woke up?

Sumo: Ji Mamiji... (weakly)

Mamiji: Suman, how are you feeling now? You have no idea how scared we all were. And Shravan, he has been by your side all day and all night since yesterday. He didn't even leave the room to eat lunch or dinner.

Sumo: I am feeling much better Mamiji, just a little headache thats it.

Mamiji: Ok beta, that is good. (to Shravan) Shravan Beta, actually our relatives back in our village have a wedding that we must attend tomorrow. So we were going to leave today, if that is ok with you. Will you care care of Suman or do you wish that we stay here?

Shravan: Mamiji, please, without any hesitation go and attend the wedding. I will take full care of Sumo. Don't worry.

Sumo: Ji Mamiji, please go and enjoy the wedding.

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