Chapter 12 | The Sound of My Thoughts...Oh! And Battlecries too.

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"Mom!"Xanaia called, "C'mon i'm going to be late for school."

"Wait, Gods. I can't find my handbag."Mrs. Wasline replied.

She was looking behind the door where she normally puts her bag. But she took it out a few minutes ago. Xanaia was by the door waiting impatiently in her blue skirt and white blouse with blue linings.

I shifted uncomfortably on the table. I bit my lip and looked uncertainly at her and then at the counter.

"Uhhhh...Mrs. Wasline?"I called.

"Yes, dear?"she said not looking at me. She was wearing a red shirt and white pants. She reminds me of Santa Clause. With cat ears and a woman.

"That's your handbag, right?"I said pointing at the counter.

She looked and walked towards me to see where i'm pointing at. She sighed and shook her head, "Gods, i'm really getting old, aren't I?"

"Mrs. Wasl-"


"-ine, I can take Xanaia to school instead of you. You could just stay here and relax."I offered, completly ignoring her reminder of calling her Niza.

She sighed and grabbed the bag. "Percy, you do that for weeks now. Besides, I need to go the market later too. Helga must be upset that I didn't drop by sooner. "

"Mom!"Xanaia called again.

Mrs. Wasline rolled her eyes and then smiled at me, "Well, I have to go. Wait for Xiana, she will be arriving shortly, i'm sure. Tell her i'll be back before lunchtime."

I nodded. "Yeah, okay."

She smiled again and then walked towards Xanaia. She hit her in the back of her head and scolded her for shouting. I saw Xanaia smiled sheepishly at her mother, and I shook my head with a smile.

2 months has passed and it was already early-August.

2 months i've been living with the Waslines and this has been my happiest state since the first 10 months of peace after the 2nd Giant War.

In 2 months, I already know the things I need to learn in Xilphain. School here starts on June and ends in March. Basically they teach general subjects but what's awesome is when you turn 16, you get to choose to continue studying or not. Also, there are so many planets in the galaxy and if you compare them with Earth, every planet is a town, every solar system is a country, and every galaxy is a planet.

The Waslines are very hospitable and nice. Mr. Wasline is somewhat protective over them from me for the first few weeks but eventually he loosened up. He works as an inspector, usually he went to the marketplace since many things happen there they said. Besides there, he goes to the mining fields and farms.

Mrs. Wasline, on the other hand, was a very trusting person. I mean really, she just this nice woman who likes everybody. Sometimes when I'm feeling paranoid, I feel scared for her. What if she sees a convict and just hug them all the while having a knife pointed at her back? What if she gets betrayed? Just like what happened to me. I learned a lot of things in my life, and one of them is never to trust easily. But that's just what she is, and that's what scares me the most.

Apparantly, Xiana and her father felt the same. Both of them are protective over her, although it isn't obvious. I know it because Xiana and I talked about it.

Over the months, Xiana and I became great friends. She was this person you just want to be around with. She's funny and optimistic, but at the same time she's smart. Some people may find her obnoxious, which reminds me of Leo. Gods, Leo.

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