Cuddling with the dog

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(A/N tbh I'm so don't with sex one shots like I'm sorry but I've written and had to deal with it for almost two years (don't ask))

You woke up, and looked around to find Gerald just staring at you, a smile tugged at his lips." Hey baby." You mumbled and hugged him." Hola." You giggled," You're cute." "Nah I ain't." "Yes don't even deny it." You got up and changed slipping Gerald's leather jacket on.

The jacket smelled like him, which you loved so much. He slipped his arms around your waist and kissed your neck." Babe what're we doing today?" "Hmm how about we do nothing." "Cuddle?" "How about we sleep?"

"Wow I changed for nothing." "No you didn't, cuddling in everyday clothing isn't bad." "True.." I pushed him into the bed and lard on top of him resting my head on his chest.

He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead," I love you baby girl." He whispered." I love you too handsome boy." I kissed his nose and smiled.

He kissed me and I kissed back, he cupped my face. It was a slow and passionate kiss before we heard the door crack open and my dog, Tracy, come running in. She jumped onto the bed and licked both of our faces.

I tried pushing her off of us but she decided to cuddle with us. She lied down next to G and nuzzled her nose into his side. He awed quietly and ran his fingers through her fur.

I giggled and kissed his cheek," You two are so cute." "Me and Tracy? Psh no." She lifted her head up and looked at G." What?" He asked innocently. She rested her chin on his chest and gave him the puppy dog eyes.

We both cracked up at how cute she was then we all feel asleep together. It seemed like Trach was our daughter because of how much we loved her.

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