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Take a look at the snail, they crawl from one place to another for survival and shelter but never leave there home even for a second. You may leave your house but never leave your home cos is dangerous. Wherever you find yourself, always be at home.

Life is like a field where people fight for survival but the survival are not the fittest neither the battle for the strongest. Those who know there God see the end thereof.

The devil and its cohorts are of no factor in the battle of life. The battle of life is in your mind. Is simple, just say NO to YES and YES to NO of the things of this world then you will be a winner.

Your destiny is not in your hand, is in your mouth. Speak it forth and let the world hears you. That is just the beginning. Nobody can stand a talkactive but very easy to pull down a talkpassive.

If you have an opportunity to encounter God ask him for one thing.. Wisdom. I did the same in June, 2005. Wisdom is a light {he knows where the goods are located}, is also a force {he will leads you to the place}.

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