Cheater! Craig x pregnant! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling of course~

~Craig's POV~

I know its wrong to cheat on your wife but... I don't love her anymore... I love my side chick... the only reason I dated (y/n) is because it was a dare... i wasted 3 years dating (y/n) when I don't even love her... then I married her... other 2 years wasted... I'm not happy with (y/n)...

(S/b= side bitch) and I are at the fancy restaurant for our 1 year anniversary, I'll never take (y/n) in and (s/b) are holding hands and talking about our future. After our fantastic night, I went to her house to have some fun.

~Your POV~

It was 11:00 pm and Craig hasn't come home, I started to get worried. I started to feel sick and I ran to the bathroom throwing up my dinner. After throwing up, I sit next to the toilet and hold my stomach. I started to feel dizzy, I slowly get up from my spot and go lay down and go to sleep.

~The next morning~

I slowly open my eyes, Craig hasn't here, I sigh and started to feel sick again. I ran to the bathroom and threw up, I sighed and decided to call one of my closest friends, I called the number, she/he picked up.

"Hey (c/f= close friend) i need you to get something for me..." I said nervously

"hey sure, what is it" she/he asked

"pregnancy tests..." I said, I heard a scream over the phone

"I'll be there in 5" she said hanging up.

~5 minutes later~

The doorbell rang, I ran to the door and dragged (c/f) inside. She/he handed me the tests and I ran to the bathroom. After taking it, I look at it and it was positive...It's POSITIVE!! IM GOING TO BE A MUM!! I started to cry.

(C/f) saw me and smiled, I hug her/him and say "How am I going to tell Craig?"

"Go tell him now" (c/f) said, I smiled and nodded. I ran to the car and drove to Craig's workplace.

I went to the front desk, "Hello I'm here to see Craig" I said sweetly

"second floor and the first door" I nodded and went to the second floor, it looked deserted.

I walked to his office and heard moaning, I froze and slightly opened the door. Craig was fucking someone over his desk, he looked at me and stopped, "why the fuck are you here?" He said

"I-I came to tell you something but you look busy fucking someone behind my back," I said walking closer to Craig with tears in my eyes

"yeah I am busy fucking someone I actually love," he said.

"Well, you can move out of MY house, give me MY car back and go fuck yourself," I said pissed off

"fine I want my stuff," he said

"I'm keeping one thing of yours.....and it's your child," I said running out of the office.

As I was running, I accidentally ran into someone, "I-I'm sorry" I said

"No problem- hey your Craig's wife..(y/n) right?" he said

i look at him and he is handsome "hey ex-wife, he...cheated on me" I said with tears in my eyes.

"Oh my god, I'm so come with me," he said putting his arms around me leading me somewhere.

He leads me to a door saying, 'Stan Marsh, CEO, AND FOUNDER OF COMPANY - BOSS', my eyes widened and he chuckled. I lead me in and I sat down on the chair in front of his desk.

"(Y/n), I'm so sorry if this is too much to ask but would you like you go on a date" he said and I nodded.

~3 years later~

Today is my 1 year anniversary with Stan and 3-year-old sons birthday. I'm so lucky to have 2 handsome men in my life...

~Craig's POV~

Today is the anniversary of my boss and (y/n), it's also my son's birthday today....I wouldn't have cheated because when I found out that (s/b) cheated on me, I asked (y/n) to go out with me again and that when I found out that she was dating my boss... I made a mistake and this is my punishment...

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