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It's been a few years since the last trace of you in earthland, and everyone just accepted that you were gone for good.

Except Gabriel and Gajeel.

Avril wasn't affected much by this, mainly because she barely knew how you looked like, or who you were in general.

It was currently the middle of the night. Gabriel was having a nightmare. He was crying. Avril woke up and heard small sobs. She got up from her bed and went over to Gabriel.

"Hey, Gabe, wake up." Avril shook Gabriel just a little. He slowly opened up his eyes.

"You were having another nightmare." Avril whispered and went back to her bed. Gabriel slowly sat up.

"Funny, I almost never remember what they're about, but I always have a vision of mom after I wake up." Gabriel wiped the tears off his cheeks.

"I still can't believe you remember how she looks like." Avril sighed. "I can't even remember what her name was."

"It's sort of fascinating how I can remember practically everything from when I was little." Gabriel said. "And her name was (Y/n)."

"Oh yea, that was her name." Avril giggled.

"G'night Ave." Gabriel laid down and turned away from her sister.

"Night Gabe." Avril did the same.

They both tossed and turned but couldn't fall asleep.

Avril smirked. "can't sleep?"

"Nope." Gabe answered. They both giggled.


As usual, Avril was the first one awake.

"Wakey Wakey!" She shouted at Gabriel, throwing his sheets off the bed and onto the laminate floor.

"What the hell..." Gabriel muttered, sitting up, practically being forced to get up.

"Now how many times do I have to tell you, kid." Kaia walked into the room. "don't wake up the poor boy!"

"You have no right to say that, Kaia." Lily walked in behind her. "You used to throw buckets of water on (Y/n) way back when."

"No way." the twins chuckled. "you actually used to do that?" Gabriel asked.

Kaia nodded.

"Anyways, Gajeel says that you're going to meet him at the guild today so get ready quick Gabe. There are crêpes on the counter." Lily walked out of the room.

"Okay." Gabriel quickly got ready.

Avril waited at the door holding Kaia in her arms, how Wendy held Carla. Avril had a habit of doing that.

Lily flew next to Gabriel as the twins and exceeds walked through the forest.

"Why the hell did mom live in the forest?" Avril wondered.

"Not sure, but it is a nice place. I'm glad she lived here. There are so many animals and that river behind our house is clearer than pool water."

Gabriel said as a yellow butterfly landed on his finger.

"Your mom used to have fishing contests with Natsu at the river." Kaia smiled. "I remember Happy going crazy every time we caught one. He would scream 'Natsu Natsu, he's our man! Kicking ass across the land!' while Natsu reeled in the fish."

Kaia giggled.

"Happy was always the jumpy and bubbly one." Lily smiled.

"We should try that..." Gabriel mumbled.

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