Great Day...

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Dear Diary,
Wednesday morning:

So as you know North spent the night with me last night. I was scared to see him because of the family meeting, but things went good. He wouldn't talk to me about everything they discussed. However he did tell me that kissing Dr. Green didn't change anything, and that everyone still wanted me in their family. 😊. It was late when he got here so we didn't get much time to talk or hang out, but what time we did have was wonderful. I slept good for the first time in days snuggled up with North Star.

North couldn't give me a ride to school this morning because he got called out before daylight. He seemed pretty grumpy about it. So Kota and Nathan came over to get me to ride with them. Things were normal there was no awkwardness. I've been smiling ever since and I can't stop it. I still have my family and all is right in my world.

Today is going to be a great day, I can feel it. I'll write more later got to get to class.

Wednesday night:

Hey it's me again...Today has been a great day. Things were back to normal with everyone. I think I might have been making things worse than they really are. I got to see Dr. Green for a few minutes this afternoon. He insisted on driving Luke and I to the diner for our shift after school. Luke gave Sean and I some time to talk when we got there. We only had a few minutes before my shift started , and let's just say we didn't get any talking done. We kissed for like 5 minutes straight. It was way better than I remembered. I so can't wait to see him again!

The diner was really busy tonight so the night flew by. I'm spending the night at Nathan's tonight so North walked me home at the end of my shift. He held my hand the whole way there, and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving. He has never kissed me goodbye before. I must of had a million butterflies in my stomach as he walked away. All I could think was I wished it wasn't my cheek that he kissed. ❤

Well I better get changed and get out with Nathan before he gets worried. He has some zombie show that he wants to watch and it starts in a few minutes.

Good night

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