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Pen Your Pride

Lurking Around Corners End



As we started to walk up the steps into the school, people were whispering about the new people. Poor them there gonna be the hot topic of the month. As we where heading to English we walked passed them, but they seem to be looking at everyone in disgust. Except the girl it looks like she if she could sh would be jumping up and down like a maniac. As soon as we were past them and sitting down in our seats in class Eva seemed to wake up.

"Did you see how hot they were?" she whispered shouted at me. Yep she's defiantly back to normal now. But as I was about to answer the door opened and the whole room when quiet.

"Right class" The teacher got our attention. "These are some of the new students" she said while pointing to the twins and the girl. "This is Shadow, Zane, and Twilight Rosethorn"


                                                                                            Shadow ------------------------------->

Chapter 8

Twilight's POV

We watched everyone walking past to get to class, sneaky catching a glance at us before walking off.

Funny. Everywhere we go the people there that don't know us, they stare that's what they seem to do. And I love it. And with that thought the halls started to empty, and the bell was about to ring.

"Come on guys, let's get to class" I said while grabbing onto the sleeves of my brothers jackets, pulling them down the corridor. "Right I don't want you two acting up on our first day... Give it at least a week okay?" Raising an eyebrow to add more emphasis on to what I said.

"Hey, you do remember that were your brothers right?" Questioned Shadow, while Zane just smirked at him.

"Of course little sis, we will not act up, as you call it, until next week. Okay?" Responded Zane while shoving Shadow to the side, while Shadow returned the quester.

We walk down the hall way, while I was looking at the doors to find our room. I turned down the next hallway and a few feet from where I was, was room 157. Ha found it. I opened the door, just seeing the teacher had just walked into the room as was getting everyone's attention.

"Right class" The teacher got everyone's attention. "These are some of the new students" She said while pointing to Shadow, Zane, and Me. "This is Shadow, Zane, and Twilight Rosethorn" And with that we looked around the class to see that everyone was staring at us again. Such fun this is going to be.


Skylar's POV

As soon as the teacher mentioned their names all the girls started staring at the boys, and when I say all the girls I mean me as well. I mean who couldn't they were hot with a capital 'H'. And all the boys were winking and trying to flirt with the girl Twilight I think her name was. They were even better looking than from outside.

The boy I believe his name was Shadow he has black hair that seemed as if he had just ran a hand through it, plus with bright emerald green eyes. He was wearing black jeans that hanged of his waist with a tight black shirt with a grey knee length coat with a pair of combat boots.

The other one which was his twin, I'm guessing seeing as they look the same. Though his hair was black, strait and clung to his head with his bangs sweeping across his forehead. Instead of bright eyes they were a dull emerald green. He’s wearing a tight ark brown shirt that clung to his body like a second skin. Paired with dark blue jeans, a leather black jacket and a pair of combat boots like his brother.

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