How it all began

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Btw, the girls went to a party...thats what they were talking about..and the secret comes out now....Hope you like it!<3



Sarah was acting a bit weird all day? In every lesson...I wonder if something's up?

Maybe something happened at the party? Oh well, I have to forget that ever happened, not that it'll be hard.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

From: Sarah<3

Hey, meet my by by car after collage and can we go Starbucks quick? I need to talk to you hun?xx

To: Sarah<3xoxo

Sure bbz, nothing bad I hope? ;)x

From: Sarah<3

Uhm, well c ya soon!xx

Now I was scared. What could it be? So many thoughts went through my head, I couldn't focus on my maths, I just hoped it wasn't anything bad.

The bell went, and I quickly shoved my books in my bag.

I tried to leave quick, but a girl brushed passed me in a hurry and her bag hit my stomach. I stumbled, throwing my hand onto the wall to keep me up. Why did that hurt so much? She only hit my stomach with a bag...?

I rushed to car park, slighty more out of breathe than usual, and jumped into Sarah'a car. What's going on?


I froze.

"Huh?" Was all I managed to say.

My heart felt like it stopped beating.

My palms got sweaty.

My jaw dropped and I just stared straight past Sarah.

"Kayleigh? It's okay, it's normal!" She tried to persuade me, but I couldn't believe her.

"Yeah, I know it's normal! Thats the problem. I wanted to stay innocent! I believe in all that 'bullshit' about no sex 'til marriage, because it should be saved for someone you truely love. Call me pathetic, I dont care. Thats who I am. Well, who I was" Tears started forming in my eyes.

I can't believe it, me! I dont even remember him, dont even know his name. Good job Kayleigh.

And now I just yelled at my best friend, and its not her fault! Kinda.

"Sarah, i'm sorry. I ju-" I was interupted.

"No, i'm sorry! If I didn't persuade you to come, it wouldn't have happened! Please don't punish yourself though, I know you wanted to wait, but it's okay you didn't!"

She was right I guess, I only let myseld down.

"Plus, it probably didn't even happen! You both had your clothes on when I woke you." She finished.

I smiled, grateful I had such a great friend.

"Yeah, thanks Sarah"

"C'mon, lets get home."

When I got home mum was watching tv so I went straight upstairs, my sister always went out with her mates on Wednesdays, so I put my music on and turned it up. I had to take my mind of it anyway.

I was tired earlier than ever. 8pm, and I was lay on my bed, nodding off, I guess because of all the stress and worrying.

Before I knew it, it was 11pm, and my mum was waking me up to shower.

The next day I felt awful. I kept getting hot flushes, and feeling sick.

"Must be a bug going 'round, your cousin had it the other day" mum suggested, I haven't seen her for weeks though?

I called up Sarah to let her know i'm not going in. And told her to tell my professors, collage wasn't that important, a day off could help me relax. I just spent the day lay on my bed, didn't eat a thing, and went to sleep early, again. But I had a great nights sleep!

"But you have to come in today! It's friday!! All your lessons are with me!" Sarah shrieked down the phone.

I laughed at her.

"Relax, I am coming in today, I wouldn't miss a Friday if I was giving birth!" I joked, we both laughed.

"Good because you know th-" She started, but before she could finish I had to hang up.

"Sarah I gotta go, i'm guna be sick!" I shouted, before throwing my phone on the bed and rushing to the bathroom.

This is really staring to get on my nervs.

Sarah honked her horn, I ran out the door and jumped into her car, it was a small red fiesta, with real comfy seats.

"Hey, you alright?" She asked, slightly comcerned.

"Yeah? Why??" I asked confused.

"Your really pail! And seem really out of breath?"

"I dont know, I've been sick every morning, and getting out of breath, just running up the stairs! And only yesterday, starting feeling quite, bloated?" I confessed, worried incase I had something serious.

I looked at Sarah and her face dropped, we were still sat in my drive way, her hands fell of the wheel into her lap.

"Oh crap" She whispered.

"Sarah what? Your freaking me out!" I said loudly.

She gulped and turned to face me.

"Your, you haven't got a bug..." She finally said.

Then it hit me.

Morning sickness, putting on weight quick, getting out of breath easily.

These could only mean one thing.

"I'm pregnant" The words stumbled out my mouth, as tears fell and I began to shake.

"No" Sarah whispered, tears forming in her eyes too.

"We're over thinking, right?"

"I hope so" I cried.

"We'll go to the chemist, on the way home, you can see there." She suggested. I agreed, and we drove away.

There was no way I was going to be able to focus today. Atleast I had Sarah in every class.

Find out if she's pregnant or not in the next chapter!

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