Chapter 8 | | Jealous ? Me ? HAHAHA Yes.

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Chapter 8 | | Jealous ? Me ? HAHAHA Yes.

It is Thursday and I still have two days left until the party. Lizzie and I made our way to the cafeteria. I was able to avoid Noah all day even though I did not really have to try because I did not see him anyways.

"So what is going on between you and Eddy.", I asked Lizzie, causing her to blush.

"N-Nothing.", she replied and I gave her a disbelieving look. "Don't try to fool me, Liz. I know he likes you and you have a crush on him since forever. Plus, he asked me if you have a boyfriend.", I gave her my well known "I told you so"- look.

"We just talked a bit but nothing really happened, so you can calm down."

"I don't believe you Lizzie. I know you and I know that he likes you back."

"Really, Sofía. We just talked and that is it. I don't know if he likes me or not, it is hard to say. We barely even talked. I mean there could be a slight chance and I really hope there is but I try to not get lost in that illusion, you know?", I could see the grief in her eyes. Normally, Lizzie is a really funny and optimistic person, not in an extroverted way but she is very positive minded.

"Don't worry too much about it. Every time someone says his name your mood immediately crashes down to the earth core. How about we do a girls night at my house today ? So you can get your mind off of him and just relax. I really hate it to see you this way, Liz.", I gave her a reassuring smile and hugged her tightly.

"That sounds good and I guess you are right. This guy is haunting me since forever and I really need to let go.", she sighed and we entered the cafeteria.

We spotted Paula sitting with Jackson on a table far on the left in the room went towards them.

"No, I'm telling you. Mission Impossible is just so annoying. Every time you see Tom Cruise with the same clothes, same expression and same lousy stunts.", Paula argued.

"Ok, you know what ? You are just insane. I'm not able to deal with you right now. I get high blood pressure just from looking at you right now.", he exclaimed, making weird hand gestures.

"For a bad boy, you are such a diva. Are you sure you were born a boy ?"

"Wanna have a look ? Just to make sure ?", he smirked and winked at her.

"Your game is weak, Carter. Even I could have done that better."

"Then.", he leaned forward across the table. "Teach me."

His face was just a few centimetres away from hers. Paula just shook her head and shoved him back to his seat.

"I can't believe that this actually works on other girls. You are such a jerk.", she rolled her eyes, causing, Lizzie and me to let out a chuckle and sat down.

"Are we allowed to sit here or do you guys need some privacy?", I asked sarcastically.

"He is just an idiot as always. Anyways, where is Noah?", a second after she asked the question, Noah and Eddy entered the cafeteria with Jessica followed by her slutty retinue in training.

Some people call them by their names, Lisa and Kim, but as for me they look all the same, do the same, have the personality of a rock and are rude as hell. He had his arm around Jessica and they were walking towards us. Kim was dangerously close to Eddy and tried to give him seducing glances. Stressing the tried.

Why do they have to sit in here ? Everything was peaceful and nice and then....Ugh. I turned my head to Lizzie who must have noticed it as well because she stiffened and was looking uneasily around, trying to avoid looking at them. Poor Lizzie...

It was like one of these moments in a movie when you know something really, really uncomfortable is going to happen. Those are just a few seconds and you are not able to avoid it. You can't leave. You can't make them disappear. You just sit there and hope for the best.

Eddy sat down next to Lizzie and gave her a smile. Lizzie did not bother to react. Ouch....

Noah and Jessica were sitting to the left of Jackson and Lisa on the other side of Jackson and Kim sat on the other side of Eddy, desperately trying to get his attention. This is not good. My gaze went to Paula who was giving me a confused look. She pointed at her phone, signalling me to look at my phone. I looked at my screen and a message from her popped up.

Paula: I thought Lizzie and Eddy were about to be a thing ? What he is doing with that bitch?!

Me: I don't know ! I guess this whole thing is one-sided. Look at him. He really does not seem that interested.

I looked up from my phone and back to her. I just sat there silently, watching the show. On the left we have Lizzie totally denying Eddy's existence and Kim trying to get him to notice her existence. On the left, we have Noah, violently making out with Jessica and when I say violently I mean it. This really does not look natural, neither is it very appealing. Jackson and Lisa were talking but he did not really seem to be amused either. Every few seconds, his gaze went to Paula who was on her phone, being oblivious to what is currently going on.

"Sofía!", a sudden voice interrupted my thoughts.

Everybody's eyes went to the source of the of the unexpected exclamation. It was Kyle. He was standing at the entrance of the cafeteria and waving at me. I beckoned him over to me.

"Hey, what's up?", he asked me and took a seat between me and Paula.

"Nothing much.", I smiled at him.

He leaned forward close to my ear. "Mr. Loverboy seems not amused about my presence.", he whispered.

I tried not to be too obvious and saw him making out with Jessica, much more violently then before. Every now and then he glanced at me.

"Well, I don't really care what he seems to be.", I whispered back.

He looked at me in disbelief. "Uh-huh. Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, sweetheart."

The bell rang, signalling us that lunch was over. I ran to my locker as quickly as I could to get my books since I had to stop by at Ms. Fisher classroom first to hand me my Math test that she forgot to bring to class yesterday.

The hallway was pretty empty by now, causing me to increase my speed even more . I was about to reach my locker when I stopped at the door of the girls bathroom because I heard someone in it, saying my name.

I drew closer to the door and managed to acknowledge the voices. The girls were Lisa and Kim.

I leaned my head against the door and froze as I realised what they were talking about.....


Hannah Davis as Jessica Weathers

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