Chapter 13: Faunus and the Bullies

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[Ryu] "come on Jaune"

Jaune and Cardin were on the stage having a mock duel for show in miss Goodwitchs class and already, Jaune seems to be losing, he's exhausted and he most certainly can't seem to keep up with Cardin. When Jaune looks up at his opponent, Cardin laughs at him. This guy... I'm glad I didn't end up on a team with him now.

Jaune however, manages to gather his strength, charging forward swinging his sword towards his mace wielding opponent, only for him to jump out of the way. Jaune looked back, surprised as Cardin sent his mace barreling into Jaune's shield, sending it, and Jaune, flying. Across the stage. He's only got his sword now, and against that mace, of he wants to win he's going to have to go on the offensive without being hit which, no offence to Jaune, seems like it would be pretty hard for him or, go on the defensive and wait for Cardin to reveal an opening which, in his current state, would be pretty hard as well.

Jaune and Cardins weapons collide, becoming locked with each other. They struggle with each other for a moment but with Cardins clear height, weight and strength advantage, the stalemate doesn't last very long with Cardin towering domineeringly over Jaune.

[Cardin] "this is the part where you lose!"
[Jaune] "over my dead-!"

He was cut short as Cardins knee found its home in Jaune's  gut, causing him to drop his sword and stumble back, falling to the ground in pain. Cardin raises his mace above Jaune's head, about to to slam it down but the buzzer rings, saving Jaune from that pain. The light comes back on and miss Goodwitchs voice resounds through the room.

[Glynda] "Cardin, that's enough!"

Cardin relents his onslaught and backs off, walking from the stage as Miss Goodwitch enters it while tapping her tablet.

[Glynda] "Students, as you can see, Mr. Arc's Aura has now dropped into the red. In a tournament-styled duel, this would indicate that Jaune is no longer fit for battle, and that the official may call the match."

Jaune is still laying on the ground in defeat when Miss Goodwitch turns to face him, looking at her tablet.

[Glynda] "Mr. Arc, it's been weeks now. Please try to refer to your Scroll during combat. Gauging your Aura will help you decide when it's appropriate to attack, or when it is better to move to a more... defensive strategy. We wouldn't want you to be gobbled up by a Beowolf, now, would we?"
[Cardin] "speak for yourself..."

I'll beat you to ground if you keep doing stuff like that Cardin, I really will.

Miss Goodwitch turns to face the rest of the seated students and looks as if she is going to make an important announcement.

[Glynda] "Remember, everyone, the Vytal Festival is only a few months away! It won't be long before students from the other kingdoms start arriving in Vale, so keep practicing! Those who choose to compete in the combat tournament will be representing all of Vale!"

The Vytal festival huh? A chance to really see what I can do with the finished product of my Dragons fang. I looked over to see how the rest of my team were reacting to the news of the festival. Yang was punching the air, Weiss fists were shaking in anticipation, Blake was... Blake and Ruby was shaking her entire body excitedly while squealing softly. I smiled at her when she looked over and she reciprocated warmly. Though we haven't really had the time to go on another "date" I think we've still gotten closer through other things.

The bell rings, cutting off my train of thought and surprising me a little. I look back over to Jaune but he's still sitting there with Pyrrha by his side looking sad.

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