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Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, a high-functioning sociopath and a very, very handsome man. You weren't the only one who saw that, so did Irene Adler, or as many others knew her, the Dominatrix. It was a constant battle between the two of you. Each of you tried to impress the detective by helping him on cases and making a good deduction or fetching him body parts from the morgue when he needed them. You considered Irene to be your biggest enemy of all. But in your battle for Sherlock's affection, a battle of which the man in question was completely oblivious of, you fell for the Dominatrix. You admired her passion for always getting what she wanted, her beauty and her clever mind. Irene admired you for your strength and confident body language and your ability to deduce almost as well as Sherlock. You didn't realise you had developed feelings for the Woman for a long time and neither did Irene. But you two had fallen for each other and Sherlock was soon out of the picture.

You entered the morgue, a coffee cup in your hand. ''I got your coffee, Sherlock.'' You announced. You nearly dropped it when you saw Sherlock staring at some evidence with the Woman sitting next to him. She wore a very short, white dress that barely covered her body, obviously trying to seduce the consulting detective. You smirked when you noticed the annoyed expression on her face. Sherlock hadn't even acknowledged her presence. Irene looked up and sat a little straighter when she noticed you. You rolled your eyes and ignored her lousy attempt to intimidate you.

You placed the cup of coffee on the table he was sitting at and kissed his cheek, maintaining eye contact with Irene at all times, smirking as you saw the furious expression on her face. Sherlock looked up and shot you a confused look, finally noticing you and Irene. ''How long have the two of you been here?'' He wondered. You pulled his chair back and sat on his lap, straddling him. This only added to Sherlock's confusion and uncomfortableness. ''I just got here and brought you coffee. Irene has probably been her for a while.'' You explained, smiling innocently. Sherlock nodded in understanding and scanned you with his eyes, trying to figure out your intentions. ''Why are you sitting on my lap?'' He questioned. You shrugged and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, causing his muscles to tense up. ''You're so handsome when you're confused.'' You batted your eyelashes and smirked suggestively.

Irene's jealousy took over and she grabbed your wrist, dragging you away from Sherlock and out of the room. She slammed the door shut so Sherlock wouldn't be able to hear the two of you. ''You play dirty.'' Irene sneered. ''Isn't that what you like?'' You shot back. A faint smirk appeared on the Dominatrix's face. ''You'll be beaten.'' She said seductively, leaning closer towards you. Your breath hitched in your throat and a faint blush coated your cheeks. ''I don't believe I will.'' You stated, composing yourself. ''You might want to wear a shorter dress next time. You might have a shot then.'' You winked and went to open the door and head back in when her voice stopped you. ''Are you referring to Sherlock or yourself?'' She wondered, the smirk evident in her voice. You blushed and bit your lip, looking at your hands. ''I was referring to Mr Sexy in there, but I must admit, you would have a shot with me as well.'' You headed back inside, not even glancing at Irene.

She was glad you didn't look at her. Her cheeks were burning and she had a difficult time composing herself. Her flustered state made her realise something. Perhaps this 'battle' for the affection of the sociopath had been about something else the entire time. What if the prize was never Sherlock, but the affection of each other.

This new discovery left a smile on Irene's face. A new battle had begun and she was determined to win the prize.

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