Chapter Twelve

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I look at Kane, waiting for him to start. 

"I don't know what the hell is going on here so I can't exactly start. Alpha A?" Lance deadpans, looking at me as though I were going to say something first.

"Call me Aubrey right now, Lance." I reply.

Lance stares at me to see if I am joking or not. When my expression doesn't change he just nods.

Kane clears his throat, looking in the other direction.

"Right. This isn't going to be easy, Lance. I am going to explain it as best as I can. We'll see how it goes." Kane comments, locking eyes with Lance. 

"Fine. Continue." Lance replies, not taking his eyes off of Kane.

"Well, I am your brother, Lance." Kane states.

Smooth, Kane. Real smooth.

"I never had a brother. My parents never told me about having a brother. They said I was an only child." Lance states a little to quickly and rehearsed. 

"Don't be stupid, Lance. That's what they told you and it was a damn lie. You had a brother. You had me." Kane says with a huff.

"They said he died in a fire when he was sixteen. I was three. Once that happened, I became an only child. He died in the fire that destroyed my parents former pack." Lance finally says after minutes of silence.

"Ah. So they did tell you?" Kane questions, amused.

"Yea. They mentioned it. That's all they could tell me. It was to painful. That and my mom had trouble getting pregnant. That's why there was such a huge age gap between my late brother and I." Lance rasps out.

"That's true." Kane comments.

Lance shoots his head up and glares daggers at Kane's head.

"And how the fuck would you know that? You aren't my brother. My brother died in a fire. He would've came to where my parents and I lived in a tree if you were my brother. You manipulated my girlfriend into believing that you were actually my brother. I want you to get off these pack lands and never show me your face again. You're lucky that I am showing you mercy. Coming here stating that you're my dead brother. I knew him for three years, which makes me disgust you even more." Lance growls, his voice dropping lower with each sentence. Killing Kane with his look.

"Please, Lance, just here me out?" Kane questions,not backing down.

"No." Lance growls.

"Yes! This is important, Lance. You will hear him out." I snap.

Lance glares at me before looking at my apologetically when I glare back at him. 

"Thank you, Ms. Higgins." Kane says sincerely before facing Lance again.

"Our parents loved being out in the woods. Exploring it every chance that they got. They went into the land that had no ruler. That Rouges came through as they pleased. They stumbled across a great big tree when they were out. They found out it was hollow and decided to build a small living quarters in it. During that time, I was just a baby. It took them forever to become pregnant with me, so they built a room for them and myself, no more rooms knowing mom will most likely never become pregnant again.

Flash forward and our Alpha was always starting fights with other packs. Threatening other packs and everything else. I went out one day and smelled the most amazing smell. It was my mate. I found myself leaving the house more and more often. Sneaking into the Pack where she lived. No one caught us because it was such a large pack. 

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