Chapter 31

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"Here? You think Link is in here?" I asked. After walking for hours, we were standing in front of a rock wall, in the side of a mountain.

"I'm positive," Cowyn said, seemingly thinking hard. "But how are we supposed to... Get in?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Beckham asked. "We have to get into the mountain...?"

"Well, that's where the magic is coming from!" Cowyn insisted. "This doesn't sound right to me either, but it's the facts."

"And you're sure they're um... In the mountain?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Cowyn said irritably. Beckham opened his mouth to reply, but I cut him off before anything else could be said.

"Hey, he's the one who can sense the magic, I'm sure he knows what he's doing," I reasoned. "And we're all tired and hungry, and probably annoyed, so don't get mad about just anything, okay?" The boys nodded and Alyrica laughed.

"What is this, a babysitting job?" she said sarcastically. I glanced at her, but decided it was probably best left unreplied to.

"So how do we get in then?" I asked Cowyn, who smiled. He was probably just glad that someone believed him.

"It seems to have a magical barrier, so if we use a lot of magic, it should overload the system," he replied.

"Wait, doesn't that take energy too, though?" I asked. We were tired as it was.

"Yes, which is why we should eat now," he explained. "I brought some food, I'm hoping you guys did, too?"

"I've got a lot!" Mason exclaimed. "Alyrica does too-" he was cut off by her glare, and gulped. "I mean, she's set. I can share," he finished.

"I think we're good," Isaac said, feeling Alyrica's icy stare as well. I nodded and looked to the sky. It was just becoming light, probably about six in the morning. Link had been gone for half a day, but it felt like a lifetime.

"It's been hours since Link was taken, Cowyn... Do we really have time to stop and eat?" I asked. "Who knows what could be happening to him right now..."

"It's the smartest way to go, Laelyn," Isaac responded. Cowyn shrugged.

"It's either we take time to eat, or all pass out trying to break the barrier. We're already down in numbers," he said. "We could lose a lot more time if we don't stop to eat." I nodded again. That's logical, I guess...


"Ready?" I asked yet again. Since we'd taken a break, no one seemed ready to continue with the journey.

"Yeah, one minute," Alyrica mumbled. She was lying on her back, watching the slow sunrise.

"Do you even want to find Link?" I asked, incredulous. She sat bolt upright.

"He wouldn't be missing if you never showed up!" she accused. "This is all your fault. He could be dead, for all we know."

"Alyrica!" I gasped. She couldn't mean that...

Beckham stood in front of me and rested his hands on my shoulders. "We're going to find him," he whispered, before turning to the group. "Link is in there, guys. No matter whose fault it is, he needs to be found. Stop arguing and start trying to help!"

"I wasn't arguing, just stating the facts," Alyrica yawned, unaffected.

"He's right," Cowyn said, standing up as well. We have to break this barrier, or we're never getting Link back. And think about it... If Daeva took Link, what's to stop her from taking others as well? What if Link isn't the only person she's holding hostage?"

"So? We don't know them," Alyrica reasoned. Mason let out a quiet gasp.

"Just because you don't know them, they don't matter?"

"Not as much as Link."

"Yeah, but-"

"Guys!" I shouted. "My brother needs us right now!" They all looked up at me and I fell silent, playing with my hands. "I miss him, okay?" I said quietly. "He needs us."

"Right. Let's do it, then," Isaac grunted, getting up and walking toward the rock wall we'd been staring at earlier. "You're positive this is the spot?"

Cowyn took a deep breath. "I already told you, yes, I'm su-"

"Okay, okay! Just making sure," Isaac said, holding his hands up in defense. "So everyone should probably focus their magic in the same spot."

"I'm sorry, focus our magic?" I repeated. "How do you do that?" Isaac tilted his head to the side, thinking, then shrugged.

"I don't really know. You just think about it, I guess."

"Gee, thanks," Beckham sighed. "Let's get this over with." Everyone had stood up by this point, and were at the rock wall, where Cowyn was pointing to a crack in it.

"This is the weakest point, so we should direct our powers here," he explained. "Everyone ready?"

Not really, I thought. I nodded anyway. Beckham and I shared a look, and he looked as unsure as I did, but I could tell he wouldn't back down either.

"Let's do this," he whispered. I smiled and nodded.

"Now!" Cowyn shouted. I guess I missed a countdown? Oh nevermind, focus your magic! I held my hands out towards the wall, thinking about what it felt like when I unlocked my potential. Nothing's happening! It felt like my life was being drained, but I felt so much adrenaline before it ended...

All at once, I saw that bright white light again, but this time it materialized in front of my palms. The orbs of light slammed into the wall ahead of me, joining the colored light of the rest of the magic being given off by everyone else. I noticed that Beckham's was a dark purple, and Mason's was a reddish pink. Alyrica's was such a light grey it almost looked white, but not as bright as mine. Isaac was completely engulfed in an orb of orange light, orbs of the magic being thrown at the wall systematically. He must have a lot of magic. All of us together... This much magic must be powerful.

It really must have been, as Cowyn was in a terrible state. One hand was holding his head in intense pain, the other extended weakly toward the wall, projecting blue light towards it. If we don't stop soon, what's going to happen to him?

I didn't get to figure it out, because directly after the thought popped into my head, everything went black. Again. 

Author's Note!

Hey guys! Sooo I know this was a bit of a short chapter but it's necessary to set up for the next few chapters. You'll see! I actually really liked this chapter for some reason. AND GUYS. I'M FREAKING ON HOW MANY READS WE HAVE!!! Thank you all so so sooo much for everything. AND THE COMMENTS! Reading all your comments literally make my day like agh! Y'all are crazy tho XD Shoutout to blaccbebe for being the most active commenter this week! You're wondiferous! (That's like wonderful, but so much better!) I hope y'all like this chapter. Are you as excited for the next one as me?! Probably not tbh XD Love you guys!


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