The Boy Who Died

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The story of the Potter brothers was famous across the wizarding world

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The story of the Potter brothers was famous across the wizarding world. The boy who lived and the boy who died. Both so loved by their parents they were given a second chance at life, but lost in the process two of the most important people in their lives.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the boy with the lightning shaped scar. He was survived by the love of his mother who did everything to protect him and his brother. He lived unlike his sibling.

Charlie Potter was an unfortunate three year old on Halloween night of 1981. He was brave and loyal even at a young age, trades he inherited from his father. He was the boy who defied death and looked Voldemort with a unflinching ability in the eye. Young as he may have been he knew good from bad and the man who was seconds away from killing his father was bad. He saw the bright light coming towards them and knew that they were going to die, so he did what he thought was the best decision in the world. He jumped in front of his father and took the killing curse for himself so that his father lived.

That was the day Charlie Potter died. He unfortunately failed his quest and his father got killed before he could even process the death of his son.

When Severus Snape came to investigate the rumors that were circulating of Voldemort and the Potter family's death he hoped the latter was false. But when he saw the bodies of his old friend's husband and first born child on the staircase he knew the worst had come true. When heard the wailing of a baby he immediately rushed up the flight of stairs and hoped that his friend was alive but alas that was not the case. The only sight of life belonged to a screaming baby who was looking at his mothers body tears streaming down his face.

While clutching his friend, a grieve stricken look on his face Severus Snape promised himself he would do anything to preserve her legacy. He laid her body gently on the ground brushing his hand over her raven hair and walked out the house knowing aurors were coming. His heart heavy with pain as he remembered the last conversation he had with his dear friend.

When Hagrid when to pick up Harry to bring the infant to Privet Drive he was astonished to witness a distressed Charlie in his burned pajamas comforting his little brother. No one knows till this day how that boy came back to life, because he wasn't like Harry. He didn't survive, he didn't live, he died. Some people say that they won't die today, it's not their time and that's what is was for Charlie, not his time.

Life was not done with Charlie Potter, and it gave him a second chance to live and experience fate and destiny. Because that boy had a hell of a future ahead of him, one worth experiencing.

Told by Belladonna Loxias Spring 1990

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