CHAPTER 4: Malcolm Henderson

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Happy new year cupcakes!

Clifford played deaf for the last twenty minutes. He got too worked up with his sister's annoying voice.

Kanina pa reklamo ng reklamo si Dana dahil gusto niyang ibalik siya nito sa El Viejo, pero hindi siya pinapakinggan ni Clifford. He was left with no choice but to open the stereo on and put the volume into its maximum level. Ford can sense the deadly stares that Dana is giving him... He could not care anymore because that has no effect to him.

"Can you fucking stop the car?!" She hissed at him.

Paulit-ulit na si Dana sa mga sinasabi niya para lang talaga mainis siya at pahintuin ang sasakyan. However, Ford is determined to bring her home— kasi siya ang malilintikan sa nanay nila kapag hindi niya kasama sa pag-uwi ang kapatid.

Bumuntong hininga si Ford bago nagsalita, "Little sis, take a chill pill." He maneuvered the car smoothly as they take speed to the not so busy street of I-495. "I should be bothered, you know... Lumalala na yang pagmumura mo." He gave her a glance only to see her so frustrated and pale.

"Duh. Whatever." Sagot niya.

Dana used to be the ideal daughter. Well, reality slaps like a real bitch... Everything changed. Enough said. Pain can destroy a good image and that's what happened.

She glared at his direction and threw all the used tissues at him, "Chill pill my ass! Do you think I'm happy with what's happening right now? NO!" She heaved a heavy long sigh. Frustrations got her real bad. "Let this pass and drive me back to El Viejo Amor... Let me have my peace, Clifford!" And again, another desperate sigh.

"Your peace?" He smirked, "Mom will never let you have your peace if you ditch her today. Kilala mo siya, she's a devil incarnate."

He has a point there.

Their Mom won't let this pass. Hell will surely rise if the Queen will be pissed. Maybe, she will never have peace for the rest of her life if she does that now. She knew her Mom well... she does not take no for an answer. Ever. She knows more ways than one on how to get back and even to those who wronged her.

If she only got the personality of her Dad, then everything will be easy. Sadly, it's her Mom's personality she got. Malas niya lang na halos lahata ata nakuha niya. From face, personality and down to attitude... Almost the same. Kaya alam na alam niya kung ano ang mga kayang gawin ng nanay nila.

She shakes her head and turns the volume low. "Ford..." All she can do was only to plead to his brother!

Nag kibit balikat lang ang Kuya at mas binilisan pa ang pagpapatakbo sa sasakyan nito.

They are almost near to their manor and it's too late to back down. Guess all she have to do is to accept the very truth that she will, again, see the man she hated for a long time ago.

"Anong ginagawa ng mga Henderson sa bahay natin? I heard they settled in California for good." That was the last news she heard from the Henderson family.

That was five years ago!

"As much as I want to answer that question little sis, hindi ko rin alam ang sagot. Let's just figure it out when we get home, okay?" He spat out. "I stayed at my penthouse last night so I don't have any clue. Supposed to be, I have to attend an important meeting early in the morning. I left some important documents in Dad's study table the other day so I went back home to get it. I was also stunned upon seeing him. To my surprise, the Henderson family was there at our receiving area chatting with Mom."

"Wala bang sinasabi si Mommy sayo?" She asked desperately.

"From what I saw, It's not about business at all. It's like they are just paying a visit or something..." Bumuntong hininga si Clifford at sinulyapan ang kapatid na hindi maipinta ang mukha. "When I got the documents, I was desperate to leave immediately but Mom insisted that I should take a leave today. She even ordered me to fetch you personally in your restaurant." He chuckled a bit upon realizing something. "Maybe she already foresee that you will need a little push, so she saw me as the best candidate to bring you home. I'm so honored," he joked.

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