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YAY!! The forms are here!! Please comment these down below! I commented an empty form down below so you can easily copy and paste you own info into it. If we really do get a lot of trainees and you can't find my comment, just copy the comment above yours and insert your own info. (Try to make these as neat as possible)

Trainee type: Group/ Solo / Model/ Actor
Name: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Anything you want
Stage Name:

Birthday: Keep the age range around 1990-2001
Age: (Please be 15 or above)

Face Claim :
Back up :
Weight : Think about the average stars weight. Make sure you're proportionate
Height : Be proportionate!

Background: Paragraph form
Family: Just state the family and their age we might go into more detail once you debut. (i.e. Mom - 39, Dad - 42 etc.)

Love interest: Make sure he/she is not too old or young for you age.

Pre-debut activities: (Min-3)
Instrument: optional
Trivia: (Min-5)

Message to CEO/Company :
Message to other trainees :
Message to future fans :

Audition: Vocalist / rapper / dancer ( Please write down the song/dance practice/mix-tape you are auditioning with. If you are only actors or models you don't need to do this)

Optional - Tag a few accounts that might want to try this out.

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