Her dad? (Larry Stylinson)

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Hi. My name is Louis Tomlinson

And I have fallen in love with my girlfriend's stepdad. I know it sounds horrible but I swear it wasn't my intention. I just couldn't help myself. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire life and do not even get me started on his personality. He is just so caring and wonderful and he made me feel alive again. Made me realise what really matters in life.

What should I do?


Louis Tomlinson is a seventeen year old normal guy. His life was going great! He was on the football team, had a lot of friends and was popular. And of course the schools hottest chick was dating him and he was so showing her off. But when he then goes to a family dinner everything goes wrong...

Will Louis' life crumble?

Will Harry go to jail?

Or will they have a happy ending?

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