Under the Sea!!

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The little Mermaid Facts

1. There are plenty of Disney canon cameos (and one Muppet).

2. Ursula was based on Madame Medusa from "The Rescuers" and cinema drag-queen icon Divine.

3. Sebastian was originally supposed to have an English accent.

4. The scenes where Ariel is on the rock in the ocean hearkens back to the famous "Little Mermaid" statue in Copenhagen's harbor.

5. If you think the film's famous storm sequence is fantastic, guess how long it took them to make it? It took a team of 10 animators an entire year to finish the 10-minute sequence.

6. Ariel's underwater hair animation was based on a video of astronaut Sally Ride's hair in space.

7. Flounder is definitely not a flounder.

8. The voice actor for Prince Eric was only 16 years old.

9. Ariel was made a redhead so that she wouldn't be confused with Daryl Hannah's mermaid in "Splash."

10. In deleted scenes from the film, it's strongly suggested that Ursula is King Triton's sister.

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