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I stood there while playing with the placemat on the kitchen table. Don't get me wrong, people. I still have deep feelings for Lip. They'll always be there. He'll be the guy that I compare everyone in my life to because he's tattooed on my heart. Lip will forever be the boy who taught me to mend myself and break myself all over again. He's my brain and my heart wrapped into one. So believe me when I say this whole 'friends' shit is going to be hard as fuck. But you know what? Our love is too much for the lives we live. And because I love him so much and want to keep him in my life, I'm willing to endure this bullshit.

I have to.

So if this fresh start means going with him to a campus where he's surely fucked majority of the female population, then so be it. I'm fine. I'm fucking great. I'm making progress, am I not? Old Cash would be flipping tables and throwing ashtrays. She would be ripping girl's hair out and pushing them to the edge. But now? Now I'm mature as fuck. I've got this shit.

After shoving myself into my skinny jeans and sweater, Lip came down with Liam and his backpack. Apparently Fiona finally came out of her room and was sad when she found out Lip was taking him with. He didn't seem too phased by it though. He's a rock right now.

The trip on the L was long but campus was one train ride away. Once we got the campus, I was surprised by how large it was. There were people walking around, riding their bikes, sitting on the grass. They were all doing typical college kid shit like studying and homework. This campus was a lot different from the Academy of Art Institute in California. That thing was just an old as fuck white building that sat in the middle of two intersections. It was nothing like this. I walked around in awe with Liam's hand in mine as Lip walked with his nose in a book. I guess he had an assignment due later but he didn't think he would get it done with Liam.

Once we got to his dorm building, I was taken back by all the kids walking around naked while flinging footballs down the hall. People were screaming, and smoking, and fucking. It was the typical college experience that you hear about in songs and movies. Liam was getting the full college experience.

When we got to his room, he ran quickly over to his desk and shuffled through his books and papers. He lived in a two bed dorm with the kid who visited him in the hospital the other day. There was a girl with glasses sitting on his roommate's bed when we walked in. She asked questions about who I and Liam were. Lip kept conversation with her short but she seemed super interested in Liam's company. I forget her name but fuck it, she didn't seem important.

Once we got out of his room Lip turned to me, "Okay, are you going to be okay?" He asked while picking at Liam's face who was in my arms.

I scowled, "I used to change his fucking diapers, Lip. I think we'll be fine." I smiled.

Lip smiled at Liam with heart eyes before slipping on his backpack, "Send me pictures, okay?" I scrunched my eyebrows at him confused.

He laughed, "Of Liam. It'll help me not freak out every 10 seconds."

I rolled my eyes and smiled, "You're smothering, dad."

Lip chuckled before grabbing Liam by the head and giving him a kiss, "Okay, bucko. You're stuck with Cash for the day. Promise you won't give her a hard time and maybe I'll steal you a cookie from work later." He held out his pinky to his little brother. Liam smiled before grabbing his pinky in his hand.

Lip smiled before placing another kiss on his head, "Text me if you need anything."

"You just worry about your education, smarty pants. I got this." I smiled confidently.

He smiled a genuine smile before turning in the other direction and disappearing in the crowd of students.

I hitched Liam high on my hip and tightened my grip on his backpack, "Okay, monkey. You want to go trip hipsters on their skateboards. Does that sound like fun?" I asked in a baby tone. He laughed and nodded, "We're gonna be good friends you get older, Liam." I laughed before heading towards the center of campus.

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