Chapter Twenty-Five: Adira

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I woke up with a headache from where the girl hit me. Her metal arm had made the blow extremely more painful than a regular blow would have been. Thankfully, I had dodged it somewhat, so that it hadn't been as forceful of a punch.

I kept my breathing even, hoping to give the robot-girl the sense that I was still unconscious. If she didn't believe it, at least she hadn't said anything.

Cracking my eyes open a tiny bit, I took in my surroundings. I was on the horse, sitting upright in the saddle. She must have put me back up after she had knocked me out. I noted that no one was sitting behind me, and was surprised that I was still upright.

Vaguely, I heard talking, and I struggled to clear my head enough to understand them.

"...ran into some questioning men." I heard the man with the hawk talking in a quieter tone.

"I assume you took care of it?" The girl's voice had a hint of mocking laced into it, and I guessed that he was going to make a sarcastic response.

"No, Fay, I just let him know what we were planning." There the sarcastic response was. Honestly, I didn't know how these two were a team.

Fay--as I now knew her-- was silent for a moment, then said, "Then what did you tell them?"

"We are going on a mission and that we'd be back soon." I heard the ruffling of feathers, indicating his hawk was on his shoulder.

Realizing that I was wasting precious time, I quietly picked up the reins.

My heart began pumping slightly faster as I acted.

Slapping the reins, I yelled, getting the horse to get into a gallop.

I heard a shout of alarm behind me, but ignored it, directing the horse forward, trying to gain as much distance as possible from the camp. Once I had enough, I could worry about getting back to the castle. For now, my only worry was getting far away.

I glanced back to see what they were doing, and saw the man's red-tailed hawk flying towards me. That would be a problem. Behind the hawk, the man was quickly mounting the other horse, while Fay was starting to run.

I whipped my head back to face the front, and urged the horse to a greater speed. This was going to be a tight race.

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