Chapter 34: Facing the monster.

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“I-In here!” My mom’s voice rang out from the den. I walked into the room and felt the color drain from my face. There in the middle of the room there was my parents and siblings tied up looking worse for ware, and…Ryan standing there with a gun to Caroline’s head as she cried,








Chapter 34:


Lexi’s POV:



“Let her go!” I yelled out. Bad move as Ryan literally threw Caroline down on the floor making her cry out. She scrambled away before he could pick her back up again like he wanted to. I had to distract him!



“Ryan, you son of a b*tch, get the hell out of here!” I yelled out once again. Effectively making him turn towards me with the gun pointed directly at my heart. I didn’t care though, not as long as I kept Linny and my family safe. His eyes were cold but full of blind rage. I also saw a bit of hysteria that made my heart crash in my chest.




“You think you can tell me what to do?! You’re mine!” He roared out making Caroline whimper. I signaled her to be quiet so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. He got in my face and the familiar smell of him made my stomach roll. I knew this wasn’t a dream. No, this was real and I had to try and stop it. I heard the front door open and whimpered as I forgot about Keagan. Ryan smirked,



“Oh I’ve known about your little boy toy you slut, now-” I cut him off,



“Keagan get out of here! Get help! Ry-” Ryan slapped me hard across the face, making me tumble to the floor. I looked over at my family and saw they were all crying. Even Chris but along with my dad they both looked extremely angry. Keagan ran through the door making me growl with frustration. He needed to go get help! Ryan pointed the gun at him instead. I screamed as I got up and jumped in front of the line of fire,

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