Setting Up a Sacred Space

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Have you ever had a place to go that was just for you? A comfort zone? Think of a sacred space as a place to store all of your comfort things. My space throughout the years has evolved in my bedroom. Why? Because it's the most secluded and peaceful place there is for me. Your place can be anywhere. Is there a small meadow you enjoy? The privacy of your own home? A yoga studio? Any of these places, and more, will be adequate with the right permissions.

All you should need to set up is a place to sit and a space in front of you to station your items like incense, essential oils, candles, etc. Now, your sacred space can be for rituals, meditations, tea time, or anything you find suitable. You don't have to make it for just one specific thing, but if you have the room, it gives a consistent feel to your home.

Your sacred space does not have to have an altar of any kind if you don't wish to practice religion in that one place. On the occasion that you would like to make an offering of some kind, a portable kit is very handy. One of my first Pagan Basics kits had all of the essentials for one such thing.

My kit included:

1 Selenite Pointed Rod

3 White Tealights

1 Offering Cauldron (about 3 in. by 3 in.)

1 medium tin of Blessing Bath Salts

1 medium tin of loose Herbal Tea

6 penny sized Gemstones(assorted)

1 vial Blessing Oil

1 Pentagram Coin

1 Brass Key

1 Small Silk Bag

1 Large Velvet Satchet

This is just an example of what a portable ritual kit would contain without excessive objects like statues, athames, large instruments, and offering items. I will explain the various ritual items and their uses on the next page. To find more objects for rituals, altars, teas, and subscriptions, feel free to visit the Magickal Folk website:

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