"Thalia?" I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me awake. "You need to get up now."

My vision was grainy, unclear. My fingers and toes were numb for some reason and the rest of my body ached. "You look terrible." I recognised the voice as Bee's. "Did I wake you up from a nightmare?"

"I-I don't know. Probably." I murmured and sat up on the bed, the movement causing me discomfort. "I locked the door last night. How did you get in?"

"It wasn't locked." She said, looking into the small mirror by the bed. I was positive that I'd locked it. She smacked on some red lipstick, spreading it out over her thin lips before making a pucking sound with them. "Your guy's here. So you better get up now before he destroys the place." She said it so nonchalantly. "Kind of spoilt, isn't he? Always gets things his way."

"H-He's here?" A part of me lit up at the knowledge that I was going to be out of here. I hurriedly clambered off the bed, and then felt a painful throb in my abdomen. I didn't know what was happening to my body anymore. These aches have been persistent for the longest time but I hadn't bothered with them. I didn't have time to.

"Yeah, wash up first. I'll see you." She winked at me before heading out the door.

Harry was here. The thought seemed so far fetched that I wasn't able to let it sink it completely. I found it strange how easily things were going and my mind was hazy, my eyes going blurry around the edges. It all resembled a dream, like the one I had last night. Since I arrived here I'd found it incredibly hard to tell the difference between reality and nightmares. I figured the drugs to be the cause. Had they given me more of it? I remembered being injected with something, but I was almost sure that it was a dream.

I took slow steps to the small bathroom facing the bed. I avoided looking in the cracked mirror, afraid of the sight. I noticed that I was no longer in the loosened corset I'd fallen asleep in, I was now wearing a knee-length black dress which was a little too big for me. My palms began to sweat at the realisation. I couldn't deal with any negative thoughts right now so I forced them down. What mattered was that I was getting out of this hellhole now. I cleaned myself up as fast as I could before making my way out of the room.

Just as I closed the door, I felt a grip on my elbow. I instinctively let out a scream, before I even knew who it was. I shut my eyes and struggled, continued to scream. I kicked and pushed, attempting to run but I was held in place. "Thalia, it's me! Look at me!" Harry. It was Harry. It wasn't a dream or a hallucination. This was real. I could feel him. I froze and looked at him for a while, befuddled by his presence. "It's me. You're okay." His voice was quiet and shaky, unlike him.

He slowly tried to pull me closer to him while I stood my ground. Then finding myself overcome by relief, I launched myself at him. He tightened his arms around me and I sobbed against him, desperately clutching at his shirt, afraid I'd lose him. "You're okay, baby." He repeated in a faint whisper, letting his lips linger over my hair as he embraced my trembling body. The young girls I'd seen last night peeked at us through the narrow openings of their doors. Bee and Darren were nowhere in sight but a customer and some other Baby Dolls in the corridor curiously watched on. Harry didn't seem to care, eventhough this would certainly damage the reputation he upheld if word got out.

"I'm taking you home now." He whispered, pulling back to look at me. He flicked my tears away with his thumb before reaching to hold my hand. His eyebrows crinkled into a frown once he noticed how rapidly my fingers were shaking. His demeanour changed, appearing less vulnerable as he led me through the corridor. The few customers in the lobby talked amongst themselves and stared at us when we walked past them and not so surprisingly, Richard was at the main entrance door. His hands were clasped together infront of him, the chilling, persistent smile on his face bringing back dark memories.

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