Chapter 4

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When I woke up, my eyes blinked blearily

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When I woke up, my eyes blinked blearily. Rolling on my side, something crinkled under me.

It was a piece of paper and a note.

Luca insisted


There was a yellow dress lying across the end of my bed. A small smile crossed my face as I picked it up. Throwing the covers away from me, I got dressed in it.

It clung to the top of my body yet flowed out as a skirt towards the bottom.

I left my room and went to the kitchen hoping to see Luca and or Liam. I was pleased to find them both there. Although, there was more than just them.

All eyes turned towards me and I shifted on the spot. Liam's eyes glazed over and they all stopped looking. He pointed to a seat between him and Luca. "Sit."

My breath caught when Liam put his hands on my waist and assisted me up. "Thank you." I murmured quietly,

"You really are short." He observed.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not that short."

"You are." Luca agreed with his brother.

"It's not a bad thing." Liam assured taking a bite from his apple.

"Eat light." Luca instructed after standing up.

"Wait!" I called before he leaves. I, again, gained the attention of everyone and shifted anxiously. "Thank you, for the dress I mean, and the other clothes. The drawers were all filled..." I trailed off quietly. He only gave a nod and something that was supposed to resemble a smile before leaving.

"Why can't I eat too much?"

"You're going to train." I spluttered around a bite of food and Liam snorted while patting my back. He assured me nothing was too bad before leaving me alone with the other people in the kitchen.

"Don't worry." Brett assured from across the table. "You'll do fine."

"Is the training hard here?"

"It's intense, I guess. It depends on rank and what your roll is in the pack."


"Luca and Liam don't allow weak slackers in the pack."

He must've seen the look on my face. "Don't worry, Luna." He assured. "When you're done eating I'll take you out to our training grounds."

"I'm not hungry anymore." I bit my lip, thoughts swarming around. I was already an omega and we didn't do much training in my old pack.

"They would want you to eat something." Brett scolded disapprovingly.

"I'll eat after, I promise."

He only sighed. "Come on then." I followed after him as he walked us outside.

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