|Atlas| "Found Out His Secret Then?"

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Raptures cogs whirred smoothly to the beat of your footsteps

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Raptures cogs whirred smoothly to the beat of your footsteps. Pacing along the corridors with one thought in mind, Atlas. The two of you had previously been separated, due to the fact Andrew Ryan himself, locked the doors between you both.

"Y/N would you kindly get to his office, I'll meet you there Hun, and we'll put an end to him." You remembered his words as he spoke through the door that separates you. Your heart raced fast as you neared the door of the man's office. Quickly your E/C eyes glanced around hastily, looking for some entrance. Shaking your head, you walked over to a desk, placing your hands on it slowly, being wary of traps. Your hands touched a Voxophone, tilting your head you hesitantly reached for it. The room was silent, all that was heard was the quiet beeping of security cameras which flooded the place. Your hands still shook, as you picked up the large device and. Clicked the button, activating the voice message.

"Every time Ryan turns up the heat, I know I'm a little bit closer to beating him at his own game. But now the game's changing -- Ryan's boys are coming in heavy -- looking to knock down my door and take what's mine. Like this is the first time I had to dodge a bullet. They're coming to my house expecting a show, but they're gonna get a disappearing act. Say goodbye to Fontaine. (cocks shotgun and switches to a thick Irish accent) and hello to Atlas."

Your eyes widened as you dropped the Voxophone, a loud crackle coming from the small speakers, you stepped back from it. He had lied all these years to you. He wasn't real. It was just a disappearing act as he called it, his true self?

Frank Fontaine, a man you thought to be dead. A man who was cruel and merciless, a man who knew how to act. A man who you loved...

You stepped back once more, an arm folded around your waist, grasping it harshly, a cry came from your mouth as you attempted to struggle. Your call alerted the whole office; the attacker placed a gloved hand over your mouth, heart now racing you tried to look back at the attacker, you saw a shotgun raised, quickly being brought down on your head. Black dots invaded your vision like flies until everything faded to pitch black.

A ringing invaded your senses; your breathing hitched and unsteady. Pain flew throughout your chest, your whole body in fact, in short, little outbursts, making the pain more unbearable. Your vision blurred, as colors seemed to be black and white. You shook your head and longingly gazed around, colors soon returning to your surroundings. The ringing continued to play harshly in your ears, making you grasp your head in pain. You resumed looking around, taking in the periphery. You looked at your feet, which were bound together with rope. Panic set in as you began to struggle. You looked behind you and noticed a cable leading to a large pole; your breathing hitched again as you leaned against it. You were weak, too weak to move in fact, everything hurt. Your eyes slightly dropped as you looked ahead of you.

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