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Chapter 1 : Cinnia Hart


My father clenched his fists angrily, "How dare they? How dare they prance around here acting like they run the town?" I watched the poor plate that had not survived the crash against the wall. You didn't deserve this plate..

I barely listened while I answered sarcastically, "Yes, how do they live with themselves?" I flipped the page on my magazine, more interested in today's fashion than I ever will be with my father's ranting.

My father managed to crack a smile, his smooth face turning into a bright red. "Ah, we're being sarcastic are we?"

"Dad, loosen up," I groaned, leaning back against the sofa as I closed my eyes. The man loved his job more than me sometimes. It must be really interesting being vice president in a major company. Not.

He sighed and cocked an eyebrow, "Loosen up?"

"Yeah, relax, chill."

"Chill?" He started softly before roaring, "Chill!? How can I 'chill' while knowing some fool is after my job?"

"Dad," I warned. He knows better than letting his temper control him.

"Right, sorry."

I rolled my eyes, picked up my magazine and walked to my room. My name is Cinnia Hart, daughter of Jim and the deceased Karen Hart. I have slightly waved dirty blondish brownish hair paired with smoky green eyes. I'm pretty thin, few curves where I need them. Guess you can say I'm 'popular', 'rich.' Though I don't take it all in vain, just luck.

That little scenario my father is just displayed is usual. I'm surprised he didn't punch the wall or freaking break all the vases again. Riley had a heart attack when she came home from her modeling job to find her antique vases destroyed. Anyway, my father was gone all ballistic ever since my new neighbors moved in, The Street's.

Personally, I think they're pretty sweet, but I'd never admit it to my father. Hey, I'm young and I still want to live you know. The Street family consists of four. The parents, Mark and Ruby Street and the sons, Flynn and Jason? Street.

Flynn Street goes to my school. Unfortunately, he is  in every single one of classes! Flynn is a jerk with a huge ego. Deflating his big head is a task nobody could ever do.

So anyhow, my father believes like we were destined to be enemies. It's a bit hectic nowadays so I always have to be on guard of him. Make sure he doesn't set the Street's house on fire or something. It sucks being a teenager with enemies. If only my father can get the thought of the Street's being malicious through his hard headed self, maybe life would be a little more bearable.

But hey who am I to complain?


I punched the alarm clock as I rolled of my bed lazily, falling face down on the cold wooden floor. Shoot, that hurts. I rubbed my aching nose and stumbled to my closet. I searched through what seemed to be endless racks of clothes. Being a single child had its advantages..

I decided with studded denim shorts and a plaid Aero full-zip hoodie over a long and lean white tank top. I managed to slip on my plaid Converse high tops. I ruffled my hair and let it fall loosely. I threw some water on my face after I fell asleep while brushing my teeth.

What another marvelous morning don't you agree?

I finished applying my makeup as I heard my mom honk her horn. Uh oh, not good.

"Bye dad!"


"Good luck honey, and remember don't talk, or even look at that wretched Flynn boy." My mother shuddered as she spoke.

I ignored the urge to roll my eyes, "Yes, of course."

Before she could drone on and on about the billions of reasons why I shouldn't talk to Flynn, I made a bee line to my boyfriend. Who so happened to be waiting outside for me, rose in hand. I blushed, he's so sweet.

"Good morning babe," He grinned and pecked my cheeks.

"Good morning," I mumbled.



He chuckled silently and put an arm around my shoulder as he walked me to homeroom. Some cooed at the sight of us, while the others glared. Lee Claires was my boyfriend of seven months. Ugh, my parents formalities was rubbing off on me. Back to my story, Lee is a brown haired, green-eyed guy. He's tall 6'1 frame towered over my 5'5 frame.

Yeah, I was a shorty unfortunately.

"Hey man,"

I groaned and hid my face in Lee's chest. One of his flaws? He so happens to be best friends with Flynn Street. Lovely for me.

"Nice to see you too," Flynn muttered sarcastically.

"Very, let's go Lee."


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