After breaking dawn (mornings pride) part 1

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Alice Cullen

I smiled as I turned away from him pulling him with me on are journey to the mall jasper and i were planning to get renessmee somthing much more special for her sixteenth in human eyes but her third originally in two weeks. renesmee was my jewel on a neckless she was preciouse to me and the family we were very protective over her , Jacob had never moved out since she was born and has never spent a week without seeing her.I pulled my self to jaspers chest breathing his scent in he always had this sent of-"love the mood your feeling is a bit inappropriate for a public place don't you think" if I were human I would have been a strawberry that had sat out in the sun to long and was a dark shade red.I looked up At jasper and gave him a half smile "your right maybe another time" I pulled my self away from him and searched around the shop for somthing that Nessie would love. After almost an hour in Seattle I couldn't find anything for her jasper had already brought her a locket with a description saying 'to my niece you are my pride and joy love jazz' he had ordered it a week Go and came to get it today it was beautiful heart shaped with a small green jewel beside the inscription "I'll find somthing" I said walking towards my lambo with jazz when we got in the car I reved the engine sped of on to the high way .a vision was coming Into my head I looked forward still driving "what is it ?" jazz was getting worried I kept my eyes looking forward. It was a girl not human but vamp she was blonde and she was in the meadow I couldent see clearly who she was renessmee found her my vision became blurred once renesmee found the girl being part human , my vision gets blurred when renesmee is involved. I held jazz hand in mine he kissed the back my fingers he could feel I was scared , scared for my nicece "renesmee finds a vampire girl in a meadow but I don't no who the young girl is her sences could be strong on human" by then we had reached the house edward was standing near the front door pacing back and forth we parked in the garage and went to the front door Edward was panicking "Edward calm down"jazz said Reading Edward I supposed "alice your vision when will it happen ?" Edward looked worried very worried "that's because I am " he answered Reading my thought s "I don't know" I left edward and jazz outside and went in the house from no were Jacob comes and gives me a mega squeeze hug and let's go "you stupid dog" I smell of dog again third time this week I should have seen it coming "never gets old " he said with a cheecky grin sitting by renessmee the pair of them were watching a documentry on 'wildlife' I walked over to esme who was in the kitchen I was triying to get across to her that 'I didnt get renesmee somthing for her birthday' but would have herd me in any way I would have said it , I stopped still on the kitchen counter the vision was coming back to me.I knew who are visitor was.

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