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CHAPTER 10 – Backfired


I was seated at the far end corner of the auditorium, waiting for Chad to finish his activity. So that I can finally put my plan into action. With the help of my friends, I was able to keep up with Chad’s agendas, schedules and his whereabouts. It was really a good thing to have five brains than one.

But I was starting to get so pissed. How long will this club activity be getting over and done with! Never in my dreams that I thought of waiting for someone, they should be waiting for me not the other way around! 

Keep calm, Court. Remember this is for your diploma and make that geek learn his lesson. No one messes with me, it’s not just about grades anymore, this time, it’s about my dignity.

The plan to make the geek fall for my charm will start now. He sure will be drooling at the sight of me. Who wouldn’t right? I might have underestimated him, but then, the way I looked today, for sure, he will be on the loose.

You’ll pay for this Chad Treyson. I smiled inwardly at my thought.

I was wearing a black low cut tube top, a red mini skirt and a pair of black Louboutin. My hair was perfectly curled up into place. And of course, to finish it all up, I tinted my cheeks pink, my eyes were emphasized by mascara and my lips were a shade of sexy red.

It looked like I was one of those Victoria’s Secret Angels. I was the perfect epitome of hotness and beauty all combined into one.

I wasn’t able to attend my classes just to prepare this to-die-for look. I know I shouldn’t be making so much effort to it because I was born beautiful. But then again Chad was very hard to please.

But now, I was pretty sure that this look would definitely wow him. He better be! I never put this much effort to anyone, not even Troy.

After a few more minutes of constant yawning and shuffling at my seat, the club meeting was finally over. The members were starting to bid their goodbyes and Chad was the only one left at the stage, busy reading something at what I assumed was a script or something.

It’s showtime!

I tried to walk silently toward the stage, good thing the auditorium was carpeted, if not, my shoes will definitely gave me away. I want my presence to be unknown to Chad and surprised him. I want to see the look on his face when he got a sight of me.

I finally got up the stage, I was standing behind Chad who’s still busy scribbling something at his script and looking like he was so deep in his thoughts. When I was about to make my presence known, he suddenly spoke up.

“What brings you to this side of the building, Collins.” He said.

“How did---“

“I’m not blind. I already knew you’re here the moment we started our club rehearsal.”

Upon hearing those words, panic started to creep in. “Don’t worry. The others didn’t notice your presence at all.” He said calmly, as if he knew what was going through my head.

I wondered what made him say that? He was still not facing me; he can’t see the panic expression I was having right now.

“What made you think that---“

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