Rias Gremory x Smart! Athletic! Cold! Reader (Lemon)

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(A/N~ Sorry for the wrong grammars and spellings guys! Request through the comments section and I'll try to make it happen. Love you guys! Also, there will be an OC here.)

Anime: Highschool DxD

Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool DxD. It belongs to it's rightful owner. I don't know who though.

(Y/n) - Your name
(L/n) - Last name

Warning: Sexual contents inside. If you find lesbian love is gross, then don't read this. It's a lemon, a lot of fucking is gonna happen.

2nd person POV

As you were walking towards your new school, you were thinking about your bestfriend, Misaka.

You felt bad because you left her at your old school.

You left your old school because of work. Yes, you're a working student. You're an orphan but luckily, you're smart and knows how life works. You hoped that Misaka is with you.

Misaka is a really sweet girl. But she's a yandere. All she talks about is her senpai. Though you'd think that a person is obsessed with a person cute, lemme tell you again, she kills anyone who gets close to her senpai.

Reader's POV

Kuoh Academy, huh? I hope it's not that bad.

As I walked towards the school buildings, I've been receiving stares and whispers.

"She looks so hot!"

"Is that a guy?"

"A girl in a boy's uniform? Hot."

"He looks like a girl."

"He's hot!"

Yep. My name is (Y/n) (L/n). Age, 17. Ever since the beginning of time, I've always been mistaken for a guy.

Though I don't know why. I have a long hair. But I think it's because of the uniform. The principal handed me a boy's uniform. I didn't complain though. It's way more comfortable in a boy's uniform since the skirts are too short for my taste.

Some people though, knows I'm a girl. If you're talking about chest size, I'm wearing chest binders because I feel so uncomfortable with boobs. So, you can't really aprehend whether I'm a girl or a guy. Except you have good eyes, yeah.

As I was walking to the principal's office, I was pulled by some deliquents.

"One day to this school and you already got the girls. Tch. I'm going to show them." The guy said.

We attracted a crowd and gasps from girls and the deliquents got cheers from boys. I think they wanted me out.

"Hahahaha! I'm going to prove to all of you, that this guy is just a pretty face!" He said then threw a punch.

I caught it with no effort then jumped and kicked him in the face.

He immediately got knocked of by his feet then his goons got fear plastered on their faces.

"First of all, I'm a girl. Second, I'm not just a pretty face. Third, who's butt got kicked now?" I said with no emotions.

I have a nickname at my old school, Ice. I'm what the society called 'cool' and 'awesome'.

They said that because of my cold demeanor, composed and calm face, top grades, athletic abilities, and pretty face, I'm pretty much the Hot but cold type. Like that made any sense anyway.

"Oh gosh, that was cool."

"Damn, that was hot."

Ugh. Just please, stop your flattering and puke worthy compliments.

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