Chapter Twenty Seven

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"So you went partying yesterday aye?" I asked Lucas. He didn't Answer but silently stared at me.

 He didn't Answer but silently stared at me

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Like he was lost in the air.

"Lucas?!" I yelled.  He finally smiled.

"You're beautiful this morning." he said. I stared at him, lost. Was he tipsy?

"Did you drink for your first time yesterday?" I asked, amused.

"No. I'm just really really tired."

"What was the partying all about?"

"A friend's birthday. Went clubbing."

"So, you're trying to tell me that you still don't drink alcohol?"

"No I don't, honey. I've seen the effects it has on people. If I ever get drunk, I might start saying odd stuff or revealing my worst secrets. No thank you."

I laughed.

"That depends on how many glasses or bottles you consume. Anyway I'm here to give you the notes and propose to draw you after school."

He raised a brow at me and smirked.

"Why? You wanna hang my portrait in your room?"

"Shut up, idiot. It's for James." I mused.

"I know. Was just kidding. Alright then. After school. I'm in a good mood to pose. And this time, you'll be drawing me in my room."



Our lectures ended by five PM. I didn't waist time and went straight to the sigma house then up to his room.

"So? You drawing or painting?" he asked.

"I'll surely paint you pretty boy. I wanna make something colorful, yet beautiful."

"Okay. Here I am. At your service hood goddess."

I chuckled.

"Now it's goddess?"

"Yup. And I'm still to find another nickname for you."

"Hm, okay." I chuckled, "Let's get to work."
Time passed by as I slowly and carefully painted a portrait of my model. Lucas was great. He didn't move and remained in his actually pose, making things easier for me.

"Oh, where did I put the blue paint again?" I asked, looking around.

"It's on the table over there lemme go–"

"No! Don't move! I'll go get it. If you move it will affect the way I paint."

"Alright, then."

I got up to go get the paint, slightly pulling the waistband of my jeans up. They were tight but the waistband was slightly loose and most of the time the jeans slid down my waist.

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