Chapter One

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I walked down the halls of Kamii with my bag on my shoulders, my hair was pulled into a messy bun and my friends stood next to me. School was over and I was on my way out when my friends joined me, I usually gave them a ride home but today they were going out with their boyfriends and I had a ghoul party. Even though ghouls were allowed to live with humans it was hard for me to say who I was, I mean white-eyed ghouls used to kill hundreds in one fatal swoop. My friends believed I was a normal ghoul who went to school and tried to be as human as possible.

I drove home in my black Koenigsegg One when a couple of doves were doing traffic stops, I heard that a murderous binge eater was on the loose in the 20th ward and the doves were high in population around our ward. I had pulled my mask on before pulling up to the investigators, they knew who I was if I wore my mask but it was still a rule to never let a dove see your true face. As I pulled up I recognized some of them, two of them used to be my friends in highschool but we didn't talk much after they became ghoul investigators. They looked into my car and smiled as they saw me wink at them with my mask on. The investigator that I knew best stepped forward and leaned on the window before asking, "Are you going to be at the party, Cheshire?" 

"Yea, I have to represent my family. Do you have any other questions or can I go, mister Dove?"

"Yea, Have you seen the binge eater, she was wearing a half mask with a sharp-toothed smile on it."

"No, if I had I would of killed her on site, you know how that is. I work as you do, I even get paid for bringing in ghoul criminals!"

"Well, good for you! Whatever you do don't attack without backup, I know your strong but she attacks without fear or consideration."

"I know," I said as I pulled away from them and started driving toward my house again. Even though I fought alongside Doves they still pissed me off, It was hard to argue if a ghoul was innocent because they always defend themselves from doves. I mean if I was attacked I would defend myself too, shit and this one investigator pisses me off. He is obsessed with quinques and kills for sport, he murdered two ghouls who were innocent. One was a mother and the other her child, He slowly murdered the child which drove the mother insane and she attacked him. I would have too but it lead to both of them being dead and he is the innocent one. 

After pulling into the driveway I took my bag inside to quickly do my homework then I would have my mother help me with my hair. My dress was white to contrast against my black kagune which looked amazing. The dress was one shoulder with silver bling bling on it, kinda like tiger stripes on my sides. After I finished I found my mom in a beautiful peach colored dress, she always looked good.

She smiled as she sat me down to do my makeup and hair, I had told her that I wanted to have it down so she only curled it

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She smiled as she sat me down to do my makeup and hair, I had told her that I wanted to have it down so she only curled it. They were big loose curls that made my hair give it a voluminous look, the makeup was light brown eyeshadow and soft pink ombre lips. Then I went upstairs and put my dress on but was stopped by my father who was wearing a suit.

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