Fate is a Funny Thing 2

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OK here's chapter 2!!!sorry for the late update!!had these wierd extra exams!! so i was banned!!bleh! and thankyou soo much to evryone who became my fan and voted and commented!!!:D hope you guys enjoy!!

Chapter 2!


"Uugggghhh!! Stupid alarm clock!! Why won't you let me sleep for one single day!?"

' It's not the alarm clock's fault. It's the school's fault actually and also your evil step-mother and yours too.'

' And how is it my fault? My oh so mysterious inner voice?'

' Don't do sarcasm with me girl. I don't like it. If you want to do it, go do it with the sarcastic inner voice! Because I am just your answering inner voice.'

' Yeehh ,sure, I will go- waa?? Are you telling me that I have got "another type of inner voice?"'

' What am I speaking in? French?!'

' Don't go all melodramatic on me now, answering inner voice!'

' I am the melodramatic inner voice you idiot. Why do you think I am being so melodramatic?'

' Huh? So where did the answering inner voice go?'

' Get up! Your step-mom's going to kill you! Get up get up now!'

' Waa??' *thud* *thud* *thud* ' Shit!! She's coming!'

' That's what I am saying you dumb dumb!'

' Hey, me no dumb dumb you. Dumb dumb, me want gum gum! Hahahha 'Night in the-'

' Go! She's here!!'

'Oh right. Shit! Byee!!'

' Yeah, Yeah. Bye'

' Did I just say bye to my inner voice and did she just answer me back!? Omg! I have gone crazy! Wait, I need to go to the bathroom!' I jump out of bed and ran into the bathroom and right in cue the devil comes into the room and was about to scream, if I was awake or not but when she saw I wasn't, *evil smile* she left right away.

' Muahahahahahaha! Get lost, sucka!' That was a great morning! When I was going to go and brush my teeth I saw thatI was already grinning like the mad hatter in 'Alice in Wonderland'. "Hehehe. 'Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp *sigh*. He's so hot!."

" Omg!! Daaaadd, Dare's gone crazy!! Or maybe she has a boy in her bathroom! She just said he's so hot! Hahaahahaha!"

'Shit! What the hell! He had to come when I said he's so hot! Come on! What did I ever do to deserve such a loser brother like him!?'

" What the hell are you talking about? I was not saying he's so hot or anything like that, as a matter of fact, loser! And what are you doing? Eaves dropping outside my bathroom?!" When I opened the door Joshua was about to fall on his face if I wasn't there to catch him.Shoot! I should have let him fall then he would have broken his nose. That would have been so great!

I was scowling at Joshua now and he was giving me the puppy dog eyes.Oh no, I am not going to let him go that easily this time! " Awww. Would you look at yourself, Josh! You look so cute and adorable! How can I ever be pissed at you!?"

Josh was smiling so wide, it seemed as if his cheeks were hurting! "See!! You even agree with me!!"

" Yes, Josh. Yes, I do! Now Josh, I am going to tell you a secret which no one knows about and should never ever, I mean EVER know about it!"

" Really!!? " Aww. He looks so hopeful that I am really going to say him the best secret ever! I feel so bad now! I shouldn't do this to him!

'What! Are you crazy!? He has to know the secret! He always bugs you a lot! It's payback time! Think about the revenge, Mel! , sweet revenge!' I mentally, evil smiled to myself after my evil inner voice said that. Wait! Isn't it my evil inner voice!? Why should I listen to her!?

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