The good: your wife isn't talking to you.

The bad: she wants a divorce

The ugly: she's a lawyer

The good: your son is finally maturing

The bad: He's getting involved with the women next door.

The ugly: so are you

The good: your son studies alot in his room

The bad: you find porn in there

The ugly; you're in it

The good: you start telling your daughter about sex

The bad: she interrupts you

The ugly: with corrections

The good: you and your husband agree no more kids

The bad you can't find the birth control pills

The ugly: your daughter borrows them

The good: your husband understands fashion

The bad: he is a cross dresser

The ugly: he looks better than you

The good: the post man's early

The bad:he's carrying a AK47

The ugly: you gave him nothing for christmas

Sorry it's so short but therre aren't that many of these jokes that are actually funny. And new announcement! I will be taking requests now! just comment on what you want!

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